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  • Thursday, 5 January 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi Devakshi OS : Soulmates

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi Dev-Sona (Devakshi OS)

    OS : Soulmates

    The meeting was successful and the project would start in near future. Dev returned home he asked all the servants to retire for the day. He made himself a hot cup of coffee and went out into the beach sitting on the lounge chair relaxing listening to the waves and music of the cricket from the weeds.

    While sipping the coffee he saw someone walking on the other end of the beach. She was wearing a white churidar suit open hair. Her hair and chunni were flying along the sea breeze. Dev kept his coffee and walked towards her.

    “Excuse me this is a private beach area how come you here” Dev asked her a bit confused.

     “Oh I did not know that I have been coming here past one month.

    If it’s bothering you I will leave.” Immediately Dev protested

    “No it’s just fine”. “I love being here it’s so calm and quite, the air just gives you wings to fly to your own world.”

     she added smiling. “Yes it does. Mind if I join you” Dev asked. 

    “it’s your beach you can do anything” she answered.

    Dev gave a sheepish smile and scratching his temple “Yeah”. Both of them sat quietly on the sand looking at the endless horizon. After a while she spoke

    “I should go now it’s getting late” “Yeah sure”. They stood and started to walk in their respective direction something struck Dev and he turned but she was already gone.

    He mummed to himself “main kitna bada gadha hu use uska name bhi nahi pucha”
    (I am so duffer I ddnt ask her name)

    Next day went by with Dev being busy in his works the extra of being “The Dev Dixit”. He was again out on his beach lounge thinking of meeting the strange friend.

    He waited for an hour but she did not come. As he was about to leave he saw the similar figure white churidar open hair flying in the air. He almost ran upto her

     “Hey” he said from behind. She turned “hi”. “Yesterday I forgot to ask your name I am Dev” and

     he extended his hand towards her “I am Sonakshi” she took the hand completed the handshake. “So now as we are friends can I join you in the walk”

     Dev asked “Sure and friends don’t need permission” Sonakshi replied.

     Both smiled and started to walk. Dev told her about his business while Sonakshi discussed about her family. Sonakshi asked to leave and they again parted towards their way.

    Again Dev turned to say that he will be leaving in the morning and may be not meet tomorrow but yet again she left before him.

    Dev left for Mumbai for the big meeting with Ambani and decided to be back by evening because he wanted to meet Sonakshi. He reached his office completed his meeting signed the papers. He instructed his secretary  that he is leaving and if anything important comes up then to be informed as he will handle the things from his beach house. All day though he was physically present and doing his work his mind was stuck with only one thought ‘Meeting Sonakshi again’. The night fell Dev was now waiting at the exact point where he saw Sonakshi the other two nights.

    “Hi Dev” Sonakshi called and he turned to see the friendly smiling face of Sonakshi

     “Hello Sonakshi” “I have to say white suits you a lot” Dev side admiring her. “Yes it’s my favorite color”. They again started their walk on the beach. “If you don’t mind may I ask you a question Dev”….. “yes go ahead friends don’t need permission” Dev chuckled.

    “Yesterday I told you all about my family I want to know about yours” the expression on Dev’s face changed and he went grim.

     “I am sorry if I hurt you”….. “No no its just fine.” Dev gave a sigh and started to speak.

    He told her about his father Shakti Dixit, mother ishwari and an sister Riya. He also added how he lost them in a car accident and he was to be solely blamed for it because he made the plan for picnic and he himself did not turn up for it and asked them to leave and he would be joining later.

     “If only I would have not asked them to leave before me they would have been with me today” tears developed in Dev’s eyes. Sonakshi just hugged Dev she could not see him in tears. Dev hugged her tightly because it was the first time he felt comfort in someone’s arm after the faithful day. They broke the hug after sometime and Sonakshi again asked for her leave.

    Dev decided that he will stay in his beach house for few more days as he was liking Sonakshi’s company and wanted to meet her everyday. They meet quite a number of times. Each night Dev would wait for her and she would come clad in the same white churidar and Dev would do something special for her. One night they were discussing about stars how fascinating they were the planets, the constellations etc. Dev got his telescope and they both explored the wonder of the night, mystery of the sky. Another night he played a romantic song for her on his guitar “In her eyes” (I love this song).

     Dev was all set one night to ask her for a long drive and she came without wasting anytime he asked her and Sonakshi agreed. They both made their way toward the car and Dev took the wheels. He drove through the silence of the town while Sonakshi was enjoying the bliss of the night.

    She stretched her hand out of the window to feel the breeze. Dev was enjoying the most beautiful sight of his life. He pushed one of the buttons making the hood of the car move back so that Sonakshi could enjoy the cold breeze to the fullest. Dev drove through the town and came back to his house. Sonakshi thanked him for the wonderful time and left Dev with a broad grin on his face.

    This was a very special night for Dev as he was going to confess his love to Sonakshi. He arranged everything candle light dinner on the beach and a very elegant engagement ring which was sure too difficult for him to choose. He waited for her but she did not come that day. It was strange of her. He again waited for her the next night and again the same result Sonakshi did not turn up.

     Next morning he asked the care takes if he knew Sonakshi. Dev was shocked by the news the care taker gave him. He learned that Sonakshi was in hospital for past one month unconscious because of tumor. He lost no time and went to the hospital she was admitted.

    He was dumbfounded to find his Sonakshi in such a state. He did not know what to do. He opened the door of the room and sat near her. Taking her hand he pour his heart out of how much he loved her and wanted to ask her to marry him. Sonakshi’s father heard all this and questioned Dev.

    Dev didn’t know how to explain how he meet Sonakshi but he did not lie he told each and everything about the meetings. Dev also told that he loved Sonakshi and will marry only her and no one else.

     Sonakshi’s father Bijoy was taken aback by the love Dev had for his daughter and hugged Dev.

    The doctor informed that Sonakshi was losing and not much time was left. But Dev assured Bijoy and the Doctor that his love will win and Sonakshi will be back with them. Dev shifted his office to his beach house and after work he would spend all his time with Sonakshi. He repeated his activity of talking to her about small small things, singing to her, playing his guitar and talking about stars etc. Two months passed and there was improvement and hope of Sonakshi coming back.

    One fine day Bijoy was in Sonakshi’s room and she opened her yes. Bijoy and tears of joy in his eyes and hugged his daughter. He called the doctor and immediately informed Dev. Dev was filled with joy but was unfortunate because he was out of India for some business related work and will be back in a week. The doctor informed Sonakshi that she will be operated and kept under observation for a week. Week passed Dev returned and first thing he did was to meet Sonakshi. He was overjoyed and thought of proposing her today itself.

    He reached and stormed into Sonakshi’s room. He took her hand but Sonakshi shrugged his hand and gave a confused look. “Sonakshi don’t you remember me” Dev asked

    he was broken by her reaction. She ignored him and looked at her father “papa please I want to go home I want to meet mumma” Sonakshi moved out of the room followed by Dev.

    He was in tears learning that Sonakshi does not remember her. His eyes were fixed at her and Sonakshi would turn back each time to look at Dev. Dev murmured “I love you Sonakshi” but Sonakshi kept walking.

    She sat on the front seat beside her father and saw Dev in the side mirror he was standing at the hospital gate helpless and broken. The car started to move and the image of Dev was decreasing. Suddenly it started to rain and Sonakshi moved her hand out to feel the rain drops. She had a déjà vu of the similar night. “Papa please stop the car” Bijoy hit the brakes and asked her whats the matter. Without answering back Sonakshi opened the car door and ran towards Dev who was still standing fully drenched in rain. Seeing Sonakshi run Dev also ran towards her. They both hugged each other. “I love you Dev” “I love you Sonakshi” the two love birds stood hugging each other in the rain.


    (who has a confusion for those it was Sonakshi’s soul on the beach and with whom Dev fell in love.)

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