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  • Wednesday, 4 January 2017

    "Mamaji+ishwari ka Drama Devakshi me darar" SBAS KRPKEB Segment 4th Jan Video+WU

    Written Update Credit Orginal Writer

    the segt airs bose family has arrived at DIxit house to inquire about their belived daughter Sona 

    devakshi are not present there .

    mami ji has already planned to incriminate Bose family before Ishwaari 

    GKB acuses Bijoy to take money from Dev .. paanch lackh rupaye ( yesterday's episode said 5 crores ??)ConfusedShocked

    ishwari accuses Sourabh for asking money from Brother in law , taking advantage of dev's kindness

    she accuses Sona of manipulating dev and black mailmg him 

    but soon devakshi arrive there 
    dev confesses that ishwari was wrong he himself found out that Sourabh ws having problems so he himself donated that money with out any one asking him for it 

    ishwari is heart broken that her son proved her wrong again, that he took Bose family / sona's side and kept his own maa in the dark .he kept Sona's infertility problem and her pregnancy reports hiddenfrom her . 
    she feels hurt that her own son has started taking sona's side and ignoring her . she starts blaming  Bose family 
    bijoy as usual loses his cool and starts abusing Dixit family '
    GKB adds fuel to the fires ... bijoy loses his cool 

    he says people like you suddenly get rich after acquiring some quick  money and start thinking no end of  themselves .. aap jaise log do paise kya kama lete hain pata nahin apne app ko kya samjhne lagte hain ?? 

     Dev shouts BASS KIJIYE !!!...and dev turns around and slaps Bijoy angrily shouting at his to stop accusing his maa
    bijoy is stunned , Sona is heart broken, asha and rest of both families are shocked 

    pin drop silence follows 

    Bijoy holds his cheek in state of shock , he then walks out of Dixit house silently 
    sona follows baba in hot persuit 
    maamiji is all smiles as he rplan has worked ... 

    reporter says Maami ki saazish ne  kar diya devakshi ke pyaar ke rang mein bhang 
    dev ne kar diya sonakshi se apna rishta mushkil mein . dev causes a rift in his rishtaa with sonakshi 

    ishwari gives a byte that kharab grah dasha chal rahe hein .. bad planetary alignments cause all things you attempt to go the wrong way Sabhi ke grah kharab chal rahe hain except mami Jee

    Time kharab to sab kharab

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