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  • Tuesday 14 March 2023

    "Maaya Comes with Anu and Blames Anupamaa and Provokes Anuj " Anupamaa Upcoming 14th March 2023


    "Maaya Comes with Anu and Blames Anupamaa and Provokes Anuj " Anupamaa Upcoming 14th March 2023

    "Maaya Comes with Anu and Blames Anupamaa and Provokes Anuj " Anupamaa Upcoming 14th March 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anuj and Anupama cook meal for Anu.


     When he gets hurt, Anupama asks him not to worry as everything will be fine. He tells her that everything should be fine. After he leaves the kitchen, Barkha enters the kitchen to help Anupama and asks her if Maaya wants to stay back in the house in return for Anu. Anuj tells Ankush that Anupama is trying her best but feels that there should be some other way.

    Anupamaa 14th March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update



    Ankush tells him that there’s no legal way to keep Anu with them. Anuj breaks down in fear of losing his daughter. Anupama informs Anuj that Maaya had texted her regarding Anu’s wish to meet everyone including the Shahs before she leaves. He tells her that Anu will stay with them and then can later meet everyone. She tells him that it’s Anu’s wish to meet with everyone. Anuj asks her to call everyone and welcome Anu.


    In the evening, the Shahs gather in the Kapadia mansion and everyone waits for Anu’s arrival. Kavya asks them if Maaya will bring Anu. Hasmukh asks Anuj to call Maaya once. When Anuj calls her, her phone is out of network. Anuj and Anupama panic. Vanraj wonders if it’s Maaya’s game plan to take Anu away from them without letting them meet her for the last time. Pakhi gets upset as she feels that they won’t be able to Anu anymore.



    Anuj feels restless and decides to go to the airport to find Anu. Everyone stops him when Anu enters the house calling her parents. She hugs Anuj and Anupama. They get emotional seeing her. Anuj kisses her hands. He tells her how much he missed her. Anu tells them that she has missed them a lot too. Meanwhile, Maaya enters the house. Anuj picks up Anu in his lap.


    Anupama feels the fear in Anuj’s eyes and decides to face Maaya. She thanks Maaya for bringing Anu. Maaya tells her that being a mother she had to keep the promise. Anu thanks the Shahs for coming over as she wanted to meet everyone before leaving with Maaya. She gets down from Anuj’s lap and goes to meet with everyone individually. Everyone adores Anu.


    She talks to everyone individually. She asks Hasmukh to take his medicines on time and requests Leela to become less angry. She asks Leela if she can meet Arya. Leela nods her head in approval. Anu asks Arya not to forget her and says hello to Kinjal and Paritosh. She tells Kavya that she will miss the hot chocolate she used to make.

     She asks Vanraj to smile often as he looks good when he smiles. Kavya tells her that they have brought gifts for her.



    Anu asks her if it’s her see-off gift. Dimpy takes Anu to her room to bring the gifts. Anuj and Anupama get emotional. Anuj asks Maaya what she wanted to prove by taking away Anu from them. He asks her not to bring Anu into their fights. He requests her not to take Anu away from them as he will die without his daughter. Everyone requests Maaya give back Anu to her parents. Ankush tells Maaya that she can never provide Anu the life Anuj and Anupama can.


    Leela asks her what she will achieve by taking Anu away from her parents. Maaya tells them that it was a deal with Anupama and her that Anu will choose to stay with the one she wants. Barkha accuses her of manipulating Anu and trying to take her away. Hasmukh asks Anuj, Anupama, and Maaya to find a solution among themselves. Pakhi asks Maaya where she was when Anu was in the orphanage. Anuj tells her that leaving Anu in the orphanage might have been her only option at that time but taking her away secretly was a big mistake.


    Maaya asks him not to pass judgment as Anu is her daughter. Anuj requests her not to take Anu away from them and stay with them in the house as long as she wants. Maaya reminds him how she had pleaded to stay for a night after which Anupama has given her permission. She tells him that she’s not interested to stay in the house. Anuj asks her to understand their situation. When everyone requests Maaya, she asks her not to emotionally blackmail her. Anupama begs in front of her not to take Anu away from them. Maaya blames her for not being a good mother to Anu but to her children. Anupama tells her that she never differentiates among her children.


     Maaya tells her that everyone has felt her negligence towards Anu and asks her how much time she has spent with Anu in the last fifteen days knowing that she might leave with her biological mother. She questions Anupama about her lack of responsibilities towards Anu. She blames Anupama for not giving time to her family but to the Shahs only.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 15th March 2023 :

     Anupama breaks down in tears while everyone celebrates Anu’s last day in the house. Anuj and Anupama run towards Maaya’s car as Anu goes away from them.

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