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  • Monday, 14 November 2022

    "Pakhi Purchased Expensive Things, Anupamaa Gets the Bill, Adhik Is Also Angry " Anupamaa Upcoming 14th November 2022


    "Pakhi Purchased Expensive Things, Anupamaa Gets the Bill, Adhik Is Also Angry " Anupamaa Upcoming 14th November 2022

    "Pakhi Purchased Expensive Things, Anupamaa Gets the Bill, Adhik Is Also Angry " Anupamaa Upcoming 14th November 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Samar and Paritosh go to the stage and express their feelings for Pakhi.


     They announce to everyone to get ready for the dance. Leela and Kanta go on stage and talk about Pakhi and Adhik. Pakhi feels embarrassed as she doesn’t know what they will speak. Leela tells Pakhi that she’ll miss her. Kanta asks Pakhi to be happy with her husband. Barkha’s friend looks down on her and whispers among themselves calling them to be typically middle class.

    Anupamaa 14th November Today's Episode Written Update


    Kanta calls Pakhi on stage. Pakhi feels hesitant but Leela insists her come there. Kanta makes her wear a golden chain. Anupama gets emotional. Then Kanta asks Adhik to come and makes him wear a ring as a blessing from her side. Adhik thanked her for being there with them at the wedding. Kinjal tells the couple that they are lucky to receive love and blessings from both grandmothers. While the family gets emotional, Anu asks everyone to focus on the dance.


     Samar and Paritosh call Anupama and Vanraj on stage to compete with each other. While the Shahs cheer for Vanraj, the Kapadias support Anupama. Vanraj starts his performance and Kavya becomes his partner. Anupama dances on her turn with Anuj. The dance continues between Anupama and Vanraj. The couple starts dancing together which makes the sangeet more entertaining.



    Leela asks Hasmukh to notice Vanraj’s dancing skills. Hasmukh tells her that Vanraj’s his son too. Leela asks him not to change sides when Vanraj’s winning. Hasmukh tells her that Vanraj hasn’t won yet. The family cheers for Anupama and Vanraj.


    After the performance is over, Adhik tells that Anuj and Anupama are winners. Pakhi announces that for her Vanraj and Kavya are the winners. The family praises both the couple’s dancing skills. Samar asks everyone to join for a group selfie. Pakhi doesn’t join. Barkha takes her with her and Adhik follows them too. Anupama notices them and follows them too.


    Barkha shows the jewelry boxes to Pakhi and asks her to sign the receipt. Adhik follows them and as he sees the receipt in Pakhi’s hand, he yells at both of them after seeing it. Pakhi argues with him too. Adhik loses his temper and throws the receipt. Pakhi leaves the place in anger. Anupama notices them and picks up the receipt after they leave. She checks the receipt and is shocked to read it. She walks back to the sangeet function.

     She notices Barkha going somewhere while Pakhi talking to some guests. While she goes to confront Pakhi, Anuj and Devika ask her to join them. Samar asks Pakhi to go on stage. He announces that it’s time for Adhik and Pakhi’s dance performance. While Adhik doesn’t want to dance, Pakhi asks him not to spoil the night. Anupama stares at them when Anuj asks her what the matter is.


    While she tells him that she’s fine, he finds something wrong. Pakhi and Adhik’s dance performance start. Anuj takes Anupama aside to talk to her but Devika interferes and brings them back to the function. Adhik stops dancing suddenly. The family asks him if everything is fine.

     Adhik tells them that he has to go to the washroom. Everyone laughs and asks him to take a break. Samar and Paritosh accompany Pakhi on stage.

     After the sibling's performances are done, Samar and Paritosh call the ladies of the Shahs to rock the stage.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 15th November 2022 :

     Amidst the sangeet, Anupama screams at Pakhi. She slaps her and asks Adhik and Pakhi to get out of the house and live on their own.

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