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  • Saturday, 19 November 2022

    "Pakhi come to Live In Nandini's House Shocked Leela, Anupamaa-Anuj Got Attacked In Jungle " Anupamaa Upcoming 19th November 2022


    "Pakhi come to Live In Nandini's House  Shocked Leela, Anupamaa-Anuj Got Attacked In Jungle " Anupamaa Upcoming 19th November 2022


    "Pakhi come to Live In Nandini's House  Shocked Leela, Anupamaa-Anuj Got Attacked In Jungle " Anupamaa Upcoming 19th November 2022.

    The episode begins with the drive to Anu’s camp at first. Anuj decides to take the shortcut through Anupama and asks him not to.



    Anu insists to take her to the camp soon. So Anuj takes the short cut which goes through the woods and the road is not smooth. Anupama gets a bad vibe while they are traveling. Leela’s neighbors come to check why there is silence in the wedding house. Vanraj tells them that they are fine and asks them to mind their own business.

    Anupamaa 19th November Today's Episode Written Update


    Leela feels embarrassed as people have got the chance to gossip about them. Anupama doesn’t get a network on her phone and gets irritated. Anuj makes fun of the situation to relax her mood. He switches on the music system which suddenly starts to play all the music in a mixed way. Anuj asks him if the radio isn’t working. Suddenly, a sad song starts when Anuj asks Anupama if she has put on the song on the list. Anupama doesn’t understand how the sad songs started coming up.


     Anuj tells Anu that they have almost reached the camp due to taking the shortcut road. Kinjal and Kavya spent time with Arya under the sun. They find Pakhi and Adhik at the entrance with their luggage. Kavya calls everyone to come outside. Anuj and Anupama reach the camp with Anu. The teacher greets them and is glad that Anu could finally arrive for her camp which will give her new learning experiences.


    Anupama asks the teacher to take care of Anu as she has never been away from them before. Anuj asks her to call them if it’s needed. When Anuj and Anupama worry about Anu’s well-being, the little one tells them that she will miss them a lot. She asks her parents to enjoy a good time too. As Anu bids them goodbye and walks off with her teacher, she comes running to Anuj and Anupama and hugs them.


     She asks them if they will come to pick her up from the camp. Anuj asks her not to worry about that. Anu tells them that she cannot live without them and asks them if they will ever get separated.Anupama asks her not to talk like an adult and not become emotional about going without them to the camp. Anuj and Anupama hold her hand and leave her with her teacher.


    After she leaves, Anuj tells Anupama that Anu, being an orphan, is scared to be abandoned. Anupama feels restless. As they leave, Anupama’s pallu gets stuck to the main door. Anuj helps her and opens the door of the car for her. He tells her that they will focus on romance on their trip.


    Vanraj walks towards Pakhi and asks her why she didn’t pick up his calls. Seeing their luggage, he is glad that they have come to stay in the Shah house. Leela stops him and asks Pakhi not to get inside her house but go back from wherever she has come. She apologizes to Adhik for being rude. Pakhi tells her that she hasn’t come to her place but to a rented apartment.


     She shows the keychain to Samar and asks him if he can recognize it. Samar tells the family that the keys belong to Nandini’s house. Pakhi corrects him saying that the keys used to belong to Nandini but belong to her now. She apologizes to Leela as she cannot stop her from living in society. Leela calls her arrogant. Pakhi claims that she has learned to be arrogant from her. She tells Vanraj that she’s his neighbor. Though Vanraj asks her to stay in the Shah house, Pakhi tells him that she has to clear a lot of misconceptions of many people.


     As she walks towards her new house with Adhik, Vanraj is glad as he can see Pakhi every day. Leela tells him that a girl like Pakhi can only be in turmoil in others' lives. 

    While Anuj and Anupama were enjoying their drive, they stop in the middle of the road seeing another car in front of them which makes them worry. Anupama asks him to take a U-turn. When he decides to take the U-turn, the car in the front also takes the U-turn.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 20th November 2022 :

     Anuj and Anupama try to save a couple from the goons. Later both of them get attacked by the goons unable to save the couple.

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