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  • Friday, 28 October 2022

    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Diwali's Romance, Adhik Asks Anuj's Help "Anupamaa Upcoming 28th October 2022


    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Diwali's Romance, Adhik Asks Anuj's Help "Anupamaa Upcoming 28th October 2022

    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Diwali's Romance, Adhik Asks Anuj's Help "Anupamaa Upcoming 28th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Leela rebukes Anupama for not coming there even after calling her so many times.


    Kavya feels that Anupama shouldn’t come for an arrogant girl like Pakhi. Hasmukh tells Samar that he had to call Anupama due to the family’s pressure. As Anupama enters the Shah house, Leela and Vanraj start taunting her. She asks them to come to the point. Vanraj tells her about Barkha’s revelation about Adhik. He blames her for not telling them the truth herself.

    Anupamaa 28th October Today's Episode Written Update


    Anupama tells them that she would have been told the truth after Diwali as she didn’t want to ruin the festival. Vanraj taunts her for being calm and attending classes without taking any steps for Pakhi. She tells him that she’s worried too but cannot scream like them. Leela blames Anuj for keeping Barkha and Ankush after knowing about their intentions and her for studying in college. Anupama asks her to stop taunting her for studying in college.


    Vanraj asks her what they should decide about Pakhi’s future. He tells her that he was scared when he heard about Adhik’s past life. He knows that Pakhi wouldn’t understand the situation as she still loved Adhik. He informs them that he has decided to send Pakhi out of town for studies. Pakhi overhears him. 

    Anupama asks him to keep his calm for the next two days for Diwali. Anuj blames Barkha for ruining the festive mood by disclosing the truth to the Shahs.



    Barkha tells him that he did everything to stop the issues between the families. She makes it clear that she cannot take any guarantee for Adhik as Pakhi is a time pass for him, not love. Meanwhile, Anupama arrives home when Anuj asks her what the matter is. She gets agitated seeing Barkha. Ankush blames Barkha for everything. When both of them argue, Anuj asks them to stop. Anupama informs him that Vanraj wants to send Pakhi out of the city for her studies.


     Adhik goes crazy hearing the news and requests Anuj and Anupama to convince Vanraj not to send Pakhi somewhere else. Anuj tells him that he’s going to talk to Vanraj but the final decision will be Pakhi’s parents. He asks everyone not to create any more problems on Diwali.


    The next day, Pakhi makes rangoli at the entrance of the house. Kavya walks towards her and asks her to try to be happy for Diwali forgetting every worry. While Anupama makes rangoli, Anuj tells loudly that he loves her. She gets reminded of the previous Diwali when he expressed his love for her to the Shahs. They cherish the moments of how their life has changed in a year. The Shahs wish each other on the occasion of Diwali. Leela misses Paritosh, Pari, and Kinjal.



    Pakhi goes inside her room again. Anuj helps Anupama in creating the rangoli. They enjoy the time together. Anupama keeps her head on his shoulder. They both express their love for each other. Anupama tells him that it’s easy to express feelings nowadays. Anu comes running to them and wishes them Diwali. Ankush and Barkha wish them too. When Anuj asks about Adhik and comes to know that he’s not in the house, Anupama worries.



     Anuj asks her not to worry as Hasmukh has told him that Pakhi’s with them. Later, the Kapadias visit the office for puja. Anuj and Anupama distribute gifts to their staff and thank them for being an asset to their company. Anuj asks them to go and enjoy themselves with their family and declares the next two days to be holidays. When Anu asks them about Adhik, Ankush tells her that Adhik is with his friends and will come back in the evening. He takes Anu with him and leaves.


     Anuj asks Anupama to wait for a while. Hasmukh, Jignesh, and Vanraj offer the shagun to the security guards. The guards thank them for giving them so much respect. Anuj makes Anupama sit on the chair and folds his hands in front of him as he feels that everyone should respect the Laxmi of the house. 

    Anupama likes his sweet gestures. She gives him a gift box. He too gives her a gift. Both of them like gifts. Samar comes to call Pakhi. He knocks on the door of her room. Pakhi doesn’t pay any herd. Adhik spends his time on the bench of a park.


    Precap for Anupamaa Upcoming 29th October 2022 :

     Anupama grows conscious and runs to the Shah house to check on Pakhi. She knocks on the door of her room and informs the Shahs about it. Meanwhile, they are shocked to find Pakhi and Adhik entering the main gate after marrying each other.

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