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  • Thursday, 19 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th March 2020 Episode Written Update" Prerna Confronts her Family "

     Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th March 2020 Episode Written Update" Prerna Confronts her Family ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th March 2020 Episode Written Update" Prerna Confronts her Family ".

    The episode begins at Sharma house. Bajaj tells Prerna in the call to tell her family about her achievements and also about what belongs to her.

    Prerna thanks him telling that now she is out of the confusion about how to convince her family and she tells her family that they are going to her house. Veena asks what she is saying and Prerna tells that Bajaj was right asking that who is he to take the decisions as she has done everything by her will power.

    Prerna tells that the house in London and also the three companies belong to her. Veena tells that society has made the rules after clear thinking and Prerna gets angry asking about society. Veena says that there is no chance of staying at the daughter's place and she will have to understand this so she asks her not to be stubborn. Prerna asks Veena whether she remembers her father telling that she is like his son, not daughter and asks her why is she showing the difference now when they have not shown any difference in their upbringing.

    Prerna tells that society has never done anything for them but they have done everything themselves and ask not to bring society in between as they are not going to do anything for them. Prerna tells that she was alone for 8years even when they needed each other they were not able to be with each other but now she is back to her family.

    Prerna tells that they need to stay together so that they could take care and protect them. She tells that it is her responsibility to look after them and asks them to stay at the outhouse if they are uncomfortable staying with her under the same roof. Veena agrees to go with her but tells her that they will live like how they have been without any servants as they will do all the jobs themselves.

    Prerna tells that even she did everything herself and she knows this as she is her daughter. She tells that especially Kukki will be happy to see them at house and Veena gets happy and asks others to get ready. Kaushik comes to his friend asking what is going on and his friend tells that he will not be able to trap a girl who is a girlfriend.

    His two friends stun seeing Kukki and Kaushik also looks at her seeing his friends' expressions. One of his friends tells that he had no girlfriend he would have got committed to Kukki but goes getting his girlfriend's call. His other friend asks whether this is the girl who got him arrested but tells that she is pretty and Kaushik goes in anger.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    Veena asks the servant to leave the bags as they can manage and Prerna asks them to take rest before doing works. Shivani asks for Kukki and Prerna tells that she went to college but she will come rushing after knowing that they are here. Kajal thanks Prerna for bringing them from that bad condition and Prerna asks no one thanks to their people.

    Kajal tells that everything was good till Veena's operation and Prerna asks what operation as Shivani was trying to stop her. Veena tells that if she is going to hear Kajal's words she will have to spend the whole day as she is not grownup as seen. Prerna asks Mahesh why is he so silent as she remembers him roaming around playing games and he tells that he was recalling how good it was when they were living together as he was the one who always got scolded for being the younger one.

    Mahesh tells that he told her that he will become a cricketer but she tells that no one can predict what will happen tomorrow in their lives. She tells her example and asks what she got. One girl comes hugging Kaushik when he was changing telling that she even became the cheerleader for him but he is heartless.

    Kaushik agrees to drink shots after college and Kukki comes there to give the ball she found outside but she screams turning seeing one boy with a girl. Prerna tells that the cheat Anurag did to her was never thought by someone and tells that it made her even stronger.

    She tells that she remembers her father sayings to deal with life and tells Mahesh that he maybe be fit for doing any other thing rather than being a cricketer. Kajal tells that she also tells him this and Prerna tells that she is feeling hungry. Veena tells her that she gave them greater happiness today as she got something to live and they can live happily.

    Prerna tells that nothing is going to be done with this praise and asks her to prepare her favorite dishes. Veena agrees to her telling that even eating something was tough when she was not there and Kajal tells that she will make the tea for her. Prerna tells that now she is feeling peace as they are with her. Kaushik stuns seeing Kukki there and asks whether she had not seen anyone shirtless as she was screaming. The other girl asks Kaushik whether this was his important job and Kukki tries to explain to her when she goes telling that he is a cheater.

     Kukki asks him to wear the shirt and moves from there as he is close to her. She asks him to study and he asks her not to be his mother. Kukki says that she just came to return the ball as she has no interest in boys like him and he also tells the same. Kukki goes getting angry but stops taking the call and Prerna tells about her fight with life.

    Veena tells that she was not able to do anything for them but Prerna tells that it was her who taught them everything to live their lives. Kajal asks Mahesh to help her in setting their bags so that she can make tea for Prerna after that and Veena says that she will go to the kitchen to make dishes so that they can eat together.

     Shivani asks whether they met Anurag and tells that the full business is lead by Komolika Basu. Prerna tells that she met them and also gave the biggest shock. She goes telling me that she is having a meeting and thinks of Shivani's words about Basu company. Prerna recalls Komolika's words when they were in the party telling about her hatred towards her. Prerna thinks that time will decide who will win over the other.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th March 2020 Episode Written Update:

     Komolika asks to convert the commercial land to residential land and when Anurag refuses to do this she warns him to be ready to change his position and power. Prerna thinks that Anurag's dreams will be dead like he killed her baby. Komolika tells that the baby is not in this world and Prerna meets with a child. The girl tells a lady about Prerna and Anurag also gets the memory of cutie pie when he gets the balloon.

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