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  • Friday, 7 February 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th February Episode Written Update " Anurag Remembers About Prerna's Marriage with Navin "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th February Episode Written Update " Anurag Remembers About Prerna's Marriage with Navin "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th February Episode Written Update " Anurag Remembers About Prerna's Marriage with Navin ".

    The episode begins at Sharma house. Prerna tells Sonalika that Anurag is her and tells that he will break this marriage himself.

    She tells that this is not a challenge but it is her trust in her love. Prerna tells that Sonalika will witness Anurag taking her right from the wedding venue. She tells that he couldn’t even remove this ring as he has an inner feeling to make her wear his ring. Veena is busy in the preparations for the engagement and she rushes to make everything fast. Anurag asks them to go in his car as he will send the driver and gives the key to Veena. Anurag tells that their safety and it is better to go in his car as Prerna is pregnant.

     Anurag tells that it will be good when everyone goes together and she calls Viraj asking that he is not able to do what she asked for. Viraj asks her to calm down and she tells that he failed to make Prerna fall in his love. Viraj tells that it is impossible for Prerna to love someone else but her mother is impressed with him and says that she will do their marriage. It is recalled that he intentionally saying that he loves Prerna realizing that Veena is standing there and he says that her plan will work soon with his marriage with Prerna.


    She looks at the car and asks him to cancel everything and go to rest as she is going to kill Prerna on the way to the venue. Anurag comes to Prerna’s room and says to her that Sonalika went after getting angry. Prerna asks whether he is upset thinking that she should have said something to Sonalika and he says that he doesn’t think that she will tell something. Anurag holds her when she slips and he gets some past memories blurred and she looks at him.

    Prerna asks Anurag what happened and he gets disturbed wit the flashback. Everything falls down when Anurag sits on the bed and Sonalika asks the mechanic to fail the breaks. Sonalika gets angry and asks him to work without someone watching him.

    The mechanic tells that he will go under the car to fail the break and Sonalika hopes that her she continues making plans to kill Prerna and Anurag gets all memories back. Prerna asks him to look at her eyes and he tells that she was in his memories. He gets the correct memories during her marriage with Naveen instead of seeing the groom and Ronit tells Sonalika that Anurag will not remember anything. Sonalika tells that she should do everything fast and he assures that this is an excellent way to kill Prerna. 

    Anurag tells that she was going to get married to a wrong person and he didn’t support the marriage. Prerna nods that he was against her marriage and tells that it is strange that he was against her marriage first but now he himself found a groom for her.

     Prerna sees a medicine on the floor and Anurag tells that he had started taking it recently but he forgot to have the medicine. Anurag tells that this medicine is strange as he is forgetting things rather than recollecting them.

    He tells that he doesn’t even remember whether he ate food or not and is thinking to change the medicine after meeting the doctor. Sonalika tells that even god can’t save Prerna today and Ronit tells that the dose of medicine she gave is showing the correct effect on Anurag. He tells that Sonalika got angry with him when he said to her that this medicine is not good and Prerna asks him not to tell Sonalika that said about these medicines to her. Veena tells Prerna to get ready fast and Anurag goes from there.

     He recalls performing her teeka function and she looks at him. these have completed the work and the bus comes to the place. Anurag tells grandma that he will come after changing and she tells him to stand with Prerna for looking good. Grandma says that she didn’t know that Prerna is marrying someone else and says that she will get him married to Prerna if he is looking good after getting ready.

     Anurag says that he is married to Sonalika and Ronit takes mechanic from there. Sonalika wipes the car to clear the fingerprints and hides seeing Anurag outside. Anurag looks to that side doubtfully.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 8th February Episode Written Update :

     Prerna tells that she will bring the chappals from the market and Sonalika tells that Prerna will move towards death and Anurag will come near her. The mechanic tells a shopkeeper that he has cut the break but is sad that today it is her engagement. Mahesh and Shekhar overhear the conversation. Prerna’s car gets hit by another vehicle.

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