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  • Tuesday, 3 December 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd December 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Enjoy's Pregnancy Moments with Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd December 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Enjoy's Pregnancy Moments with Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd December 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Enjoy's Pregnancy Moments with Prerna ".

    The episode begins at Basu house. Anurag tells to call electrician and Anupam goes to get him. Komolika gets tensed thinking that the electrician will say everything getting frightened and Anupam asks electrician to come downstairs.

     Nivedita asks other servants to do their work and Anupam comes there. Anurag asks the electrician how careless he is and something big would have happened due to this. Electrician thinks that Anurag is getting angry because Sonalika got electric shock and not if something would have happened with Prerna.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 3rd December 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Electrician says that it was by mistake he left the wires there and Anurag tells that someones would have been at stake. Anurag shows Prerna and grabs electrician’s collar telling that if something has happened to her baby, he would have not left him. Sonalika gets angry and money falls from electrician while he was apologizing. Everyone looks at the money and he picks up the cash. Electrician blabbers that he didn’t take money from anyone and this is his own money.

    Anurag asks him to tell the truth otherwise he will not leave him and Sonalika puts up an act getting tensed. Electrician escapes from there and Prerna alerts Anupam about this. Prerna looks at Sonalika and Anurag comes back as Nivedita calls him to help Sonalika. Anurag and Nivedita take Sonalika to her room and she looks back smiling crookedly at Prerna. While they go upstairs Prerna feels uneasy and she holds her stomach sitting on the couch.

    Mohini gets tensed asking what happened and Anurag tells that she got electric shock. Anupam comes there telling that electrician escaped but when he entered the house Prerna is having pain and she sitting holding her stomach. Sonalika thinks that what she wanted has happened and Anurag gets tensed.

    Mohini stops Anurag telling that she will inform her family but he tells that she needs his help and he has promised her before. Anurag tells Anupam to take care of Sonalika as he is going to hospital with Prerna. Sonalika tries to stop Anurag telling that Anupam will take Prerna to hospital but he doesn’t stop. Sonalika gets furious at Anupam asking does he get happiness separating Anurag from her and Mohini tries to console her.

    Anupam tells that Prerna was in pain and Mohini asks Nivedita to make her husband understand what is right and what is wrong. Nivedita looks shocking when Sonalika threatening Anupam and Mohini also scolds him. Mohini tells them not to tell Anurag about Sonalika’s reaction and Nivedita also takes part in Sonalika. Anurag wonders when doctor takes his name but Prerna calls in pain. Anurag gets confused when doctor mentions him as father of child but goes with the nurse for completing formalities.

    Prerna informs the doctor that Anurag has lost his memory of 2yrs and she feels bad. Anupam asks Nivedita whether Sonalika’s behavior was right and she says yes. Nivedita tells that here this is Prerna’s mistake and Anurag is not the same as he was before. Nivedita tells Anupam that Sonalika is feeling insecurely related to Anurag and says this is normal.

    Anupam tells that he thinks that even she doesn’t like Prerna and tells that Prerna is going to be the mother of Anurag’s baby. Nivedita goes from there telling who told this is the truth and Anupam gets confused seeing her behavior. The doctor checks the reports and Anurag comes inside while doing her Prerna’s scanning. The doctor tells that today Anurag can feel the heartbeat of an unborn baby and both get excited seeing the baby in the scan.

    Sonalika tells Mohini that she can’t tolerate Prerna anymore and Mohini tries to comfort her but she goes on saying what she is in front of Anurag. Nivedita tells Sonalika that she will not have to leave the house as she has made Anupam understand the things and Mohini tells that she will speak to Anurag about this as she is should be his priority.

    Prerna calls out when baby kicked and doctor asks Anurag whether he want to feel this. Anurag gets excited telling yes and he keeps his hand on her belly. Doctor asks how he knows that this baby is a girl and Prerna tells that he knows to look at Anurag. Both get excited when baby kicks again and he tells that it is amazing.

     Doctor asks Anurag to bring medicine as they have to give Prerna that injection and he goes to get it. Sonalika tells that she wants to be alone so Mohini and Nivedita go from there. Sonalika tells that she will take revenge on everyone and looks for her phone to call Anurag. Sonalika keeps her phone for charging. 

    Anurag hears nurses talking that Prerna’s husband is a bad man as he left her in this condition and tells that he went with a girl. They tell that Prerna is pretty and strong. Anurag gets shocked hearing this and thinks why Prerna told him lie. He decides to find her husband.

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd December 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Enjoy's Pregnancy Moments with Prerna ".

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 4th December 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Anurag asks where her husband lives and she says out of India and he tells he thought it was out of Kolkata. He thinks she told lie so that he doesn’t get stressed. Anurag tells Sonalika that his past is related to Prerna.

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