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  • Monday, 2 December 2019

    Beyhadh Season 2 1st Episode 2nd December 2019 Written Update " Maya's New Journey Roys are Target "

    Beyhadh Season 2 1st Episode 2nd December 2019 Written Update " Maya's New Journey Roys are Target ".

    Beyhadh Season 2 1st Episode 2nd December 2019 Written Update " Maya's New Journey Roys are Target ".

    The Episode starts with classic car driving from the city to some deserted land. Maya steps down from the car and enjoys nature.

    She spreads her hand and lets her scarf flow in the wind and the scarf falls in the ground. She says when clothes get dirty, new clothes were bought, in the same way if the soul gets contaminated then a new look should be adorned. While saying this dialogue, she walks into a nearby lake and completely gets submerged into it. Then Maya comes out from the lake.

    The scene changes to a big gathering of Goddess Maa Durga and a middle-aged man is seen doing Pranam to Goddess Durga. Someone from behind calls him Mritunjay. His wife wishes her of the big day today. Mritunjay asks did you see Rishi. We see a young age guy dancing in the crowd. Mritunjay asks him to call Rishi and Rishi comes and hugs his father.

    Mritunjay (MJ)'s wife says that Rishi loves only her father not her mum and he says that he loves both of them. MJ's wife wishes Mritunjay a very happy anniversary. Then we see the whole family doing puja and aarti to Goddess Durga in the middle of the whole crowd.  Music plays. Rishi is dancing and enjoying in the crowd while doing visarjan. His left leg gets the entangled wire in a rope on the bost while doing visarjan. Mrityunjay does the Visarjan too.


    While doing Visarjan Rishi falls into the sea and his left leg is wired to a rope. MJ asks his wife where is Rishi and he starts shouting in in the crowd Rishi Rishi. Later it was found that Rishi is saved by a lady but nobody has seen her.

    The next scene moves to an indoor area where Maya and Rudra are seen doing sword fighting. Maya was very furious and Rudra had no clue about it.  Rudra asks Maya are you mad.  Maya starts doing sword fighting more furiously. In the end, it is seen that Maya inserts the sword into a paper clip and then into Rudra's shoulder. It causes a small injury on Rudra's shoulder.

    Maya asks Rudra that how did this article says that your company is publishing my next book. Rudra says I don't know and I didn't get it published.

    The scene moves to Rudra's office. Rudra asks Ananya that did you give the article to publish. Ananya says are you mad why I would give such an article to publish. Rudra says I will not publish her book. Ananya says that Maya is the best selling author and her last three books are bestsellers and 20 lacs copies are sold out, I love reading her books and ask for Maya's number.

    Rudra says Maya is a psycho and I will jump from the rooftop but will not publish her book, I am not working with Maya at all. Ananya starts flirting with Rudra. Rudra tries to leave and Ananya says you will not get anyone better than me. Then Rudra gets a call and says what.

    In the next scene, Rishi's mum is seen speaking on the phone. She says that some lady rescued Rishi and the lady is an avatar of Maa Durga. In the meantime, a sound is heard and everyone rushes to Rishi's bedroom. Rishi says I was joking and starts flirting with the doctor. MJ suggests to do a full CT scan and the doctor says it's ok. Rishi says I am fine. MJ's mother comes to Rishi's bedroom and inquiry about the health of Rishi. She says I was very worried and my BP was going high and I was sweating a lot and ask to call a doctor. MJ says the doctor is here. MJ's mum says I want you to call a doctor and I don't need her but of proper doctor. She asks Rishi how he fell into the water.

    Rishi is seen calling someone and asking for a car number, he says he wants to know that to whom the car belongs to and a complete biodata of the person. Rishi puts a cigarette into his lips. Rudra comes there and snatches the cigarette from his mouth. Rudra asks how did you fall into the water, you are a swimming champion.

     Rishi says I have no idea how my leg gets entangled and all that happened. Rudra says a lady saved you, she must be an angel. Rishi says she was a Jalpari. MJ says to Rishi I heard that you also got hurt today while doing sword fighting. Rudra says please try to listen less. There was an awkward silence between Rudra and his father MJ. MJ says it is a bad day for me as one son got drowned in water and the other son got hurt while fencing. Rishi tries to lighten up the mood and ask MJ to get ready for the party. Rishi asks Rudra if he is coming to the party and request Rudra to come to the party for their mother's sake. Rudra says I will come only for you. Rishi says ok and asks about Rudra's injury. Rudra says it is someone weird.

    In the next scene, Maya is saying a dialogue. She says some people are weird and it is strange for the world but weirdness is the strongest thing for few people.

    The scene moves to MJ's party. Rishi wishes her mum and asks them to cut the cake. MJ says to her mum till when you will be angry with me. Her mother says to MJ that life cannot be completed with you. MJ's wife says to Rudra let's cut the cake and Rudra says thankfully we are not cutting each other. MJ's family is seen celebrating the party.

    Next scene Maya is seen sitting and imaging something. Flashback starts. Maya has planned Rishi's drowning incident. Maya gets a call where someone says that the fake article of Rudra Publication signing Maya's book is done by him. Flashback ends. Maya is seen lighting up candles in front of a cake having the picture of Rishi and Rudra. Maya is in a black dress standing in front of a picture. Maya says Dad and I share a very weird relationship, neither we could leave each other nor stay with each other.  Maya cuts the cake between the two brothers.

    Maya says “
    jab Dard Hadh Se badh Jaaye to beyhadh Nafrat Ho Jaati Hai tumne Mera beyhadh Pyar Dekha Hai ab beyhadh Nafrat dekhoge. Maya eats the cake and puts the cake all over her face.”

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