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  • Tuesday, 3 December 2019

    Beyhadh 2 Episode 3rd December 2019 Written Update " Maya Traps Rishi, Rudra wants To Deal with Maya "

    Beyhadh 2 Episode 3rd December 2019 Written Update " Maya Traps Rishi, Rudra wants To Deal with Maya "

    Beyhadh 2 Episode 3rd December 2019 Written Update " Maya Traps Rishi, Rudra wants To Deal with Maya ".

    The Episode starts with Maya writing something on a notepad. Maya gets a call stating someone is trying to find her address. Maya asks is it Rishi.  The person replies yes. Maya says don't make him wait more.

    Rishi is speaking on call and thanks for giving the address.  Rishi says to Rudra that thanks for finding the address for me. Mrityunjay received a bouquet from his brother and says that bhaiyon ke bich ehsaan Nahin rahata.

    Rudra and Rishi are discussing something in between Dadi comes and takes Rishi stating that I want to scold someone. Ananya says to Rudra that nobody has written the article that Rudra is going to publish Maya's book from our company. 

    Ananya says the address is fake and the company does not exist at all. Ananya says that Maya is real and if we go ahead & sign Maya then we are all set. On the other side, it is seen that Maya is saying someone that Rudra will come alone and the book will be published by his Publication.

    Mrityunjay gives Ananya the first copy of David Copperfield's book and says nobody is perfect.  MJ and Ananya discuss Rudra and walk together. Rudra stares at MJ and Ananya walking together. 

    Rishi comes there and says why are you staring at them in such away.  Rudra and Rishi discuss few things and Rishi says that he will not go anywhere. Rishi says what Ananya and Mrityunjaya discussing together.

    Maya is saying that Rudra doesn't know whom he is searching for and he will have to take years to search her.

    MJ and Ananya are seen discussing the fake article. MJ says that parents have to take care of the kids and I will find out who has leaked this fake article. Ananya states that Rudra will not like it. MJ says that he trusts Ananya and Ananya would be the daughter in law of the house.

     MJ says he has to find out who done this job of leaking the fake article. Rudra comes there and shouts at MJ and says that why he is trying to help him and is giving false hopes to Ananya of being the daughter in law of the house. Rudra says to his mother why he is interfering in his life and he doesn't need MJ's help. Rudra doesn't listen anything and leaves angrily from there. Ananya follows him. Dadi cracks a joke at MJ. Someone is seen recording all this discussion.

    Ananya tries to explain to Rudra that MJ is trying to help him only. Rudra says that why he is trying to help me and anyways Ananya will like to take help from him because she has written a thesis on MJ during her graduation. 

    Ananya says that she like MJ and she is Rudra's friend but not his pet and advises him that they would need to take help from MJ. Rudra says he will die but not take help from MJ. All this is seen on video cam on Maya's laptop and Maya is monitoring all this.

    Rishi takes a bouquet of red rose flowers and starts driving. Maya is monitoring all this on the laptop. Maya shuts down the laptop and says I am everywhere but I am nowhere.

    Rishi stops the car and gets down from the car. Maya takes out a revolver from the drawer. Riahi comes out of the lift and presses the bell but he sees that the door is already half-open. He opens the door and asks if anyone is there. From above, Maya sees that Rishi is coming inside the house. 

    Rishi goes inside the house and takes up the ladder. Rishi goes to room and switches on the lights and he sees a photograph where Maya is posing with someone but the face of the person is scratched. Rishi is happy and says that he is going to have a new connection. 

    Maya points the revolver towards Rishi and asks who is he. Rishi says that please put down the gun and you do not recognize me seriously. Maya acts like panicking. Rishi introduces himself to Maya and he says that he has come because Maya saved him from drowning and offers the bouquet of flowers to Maya. Maya says she is allergic to roses.

     Rishi offers to have a conversation but Maya denies. Rishi says he wants to just talk and have a conversation with Maya and does not hurt Maya. Rishi sees that gun is locked and says thank God. Maya says that connection never gets over. Rishi says that new connection should be there so that it can heal old pain. 

    Maya says she doesn't want to hear anything and asks Rishi to leave. Rishi writes his phone number on a window glass panel and says “Aapke aur Dawa ke bich sirf cellphone number ka fasla hai. Maya stares at the glass panel and says dard ka yeh Intehaan Hai yeh dekhne ke liye Mohabbat kis had Tak Ja sakti hai. Rishi gets excited and leaves in his car. Maya says that love is such a lake that once you get drowned, only death can take you out. Maya shouts at the grass panel where Rishi has written his phone number.

    Rudra is drinking in a bar and the Bartender says that the bill is paid by that lady, not MJ.  Rudra goes and sees that it is Maya. Rudra says that Maya wants a deal in his company and he will do that deal and extend his hand towards Maya. Maya says she doesn't want to deal with fake people and the bill was paid as charity. 

    Maya starts leaving and says that apni aukat Badha Lo Ya Sapne dekhna Chhod Do. Rudra hit the glass table. Maya turns around to look at Rudra. Maya sees that Rudra's hand is bleeding and she pours wine from Rudra's hand.

     Maya says that sometimes to get relief from one pain we have to get another pain and leaves from there. Rudra says he hates Maya. Maya says that she doesn't love him either but hatred doesn't let her stay away.

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