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  • Monday, 19 August 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Mr.Bajaj Dance Together "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Mr.Bajaj Dance Together ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Mr.Bajaj Dance Together ".

    The episode begins in the Basu house. Bajaj wishes Cookie happy birthday. Cookie waits for her gift. Veena understands that Cookie can’t talk.

    Bajaj opens the gift box for Cookie. Veena takes Prerna aside and asks her to tell everything that she has hidden from her. She asks Prerna why she married to Mr. Bajaj as he has a dumb child. Prerna tells her that Cookie is improving gradually. Veena asks her to think about her own life. Cookie comes finding Prerna. She holds Prerna’s hand and takes her. Veena wants to go home but Mr. Viyaj asks her to wait till the party gets over.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 19th August 2019

    Tanvi announces that Rishabh is going to dance to make Cookie’s birthday more special. Prerna wonders if Bajaj can dance. Bajaj tells everyone that he can’t dance. Tanvi wishes to dance with Bajaj. Cookie too wants his father to dance at the birthday party. Bajaj dances with Tanvi. Cookie goes in the middle of the dance and takes Bajaj’s hand to dance with Prerna.

     Bajaj asks Prerna to be careful so that she doesn’t hurt him with her heels due to anger. Prerna and Bajaj dance together. Sarada decides to follow Veena to irritate her and create a scene. Mohini finds Bajaj and Prerna dancing together.
     She remembers how Anurag danced with Prerna in their engagement. Sarada goes behind Veena and orders her to clean the plates which are accumulating.

    She intentionally misbehaves with Veena. Veena calmly talks to Sarada and assures her that she will take care of the catering department too. Sarada asks her not to show her attitude and do her own work. Veena leaves without arguing with Sarada.

    Sarada realizes that Veena isn’t ready to argue with her. So she intentionally provokes Veena to fight with her. She insults Veena to be a servant. Veena can’t tolerate the blame Sarada is putting on her. She tells Sarada that she doesn’t care if she’s Bajaj’s aunt as she doesn’t like Bajaj at all. Mohini is shocked to hear that Veena doesn’t like Bajaj.

    Veena tells Sarada that she’s not playing any role from Prerna’s side as she wasn’t present during Prerna and Bajaj’s wedding. Sarada plans to separate Bajaj and Prerna through Veena. Prerna and Bajaj continue their dance performance. Bajaj asks her not to play games and asks him directly what she wants to. Prerna asks him why he called her mother.

     Bajaj isn’t ready to answer as Prerna was accusing her. Tanvi wonders what could be the conversation between Prerna and Bajaj. Bajaj asks Prerna not to doubt him always. Tanvi gets a text from Sarada and leaves the party place.

    Bajaj tells Prerna that he’s not going to insult anyone’s mother. Sarada asks Tanvi if everything is going according to their plan. Tanvi feels upset to see Bajaj and Prerna together as she wants to be Prerna’s place. Sarada promises her to give her everything that she wants. She decides to make Veena the reason between Prerna and Bajaj’s separation.

    A cookie is happy to see Prerna and Bajaj together. Sarada tells her plan to Tanvi. She decides to loosen up the rope which is tied to the chandelier so that Bajaj gets hurt when the chandelier falls. She wants to frame Veena to be the culprit. Sarada doubts if someone is hearing their conversation. Tanvi asks her to relax and takes her downstairs. Prerna and Bajaj adore Cookie.

    Prerna For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th August 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Prerna For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th August 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Sarada cuts the rope and the chandelier falls on Mr. Bajaj when the cake cutting ceremony was taking place. Bajaj gets hurt. Police arrest Veena for trying to kill Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi is worried for Bajaj.

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