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  • Friday, 12 July 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th July 2019 Written Update " Manish Accused Kartik Naira All Set to Come Jaipur Back"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th July 2019 Written Update " Manish Accused Kartik Naira All Set to Come Jaipur Back"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th July 2019 Written Update " Manish Accused Kartik Naira All Set to Come Jaipur Back"

    Kartik gets shocked when Manish accuses him of Suhasini's emotional state. Manish tells him that the whole family wants to see him happy, but he doesn't know what's wrong and what is right for him.

    He suggests Kartik accept the truth of Naira's death and move on as they did. He tells him that if Naira would be alive, he would himself ask him to wait for her and would help him to meet her, but that's not possible this time. He requests Kartik to move on. Further, he tells Kartik that when he brought Vedika home, they thought he is trying to move on. Suhasini saw a dream of her family to be settled again.

     Manish asks him why doesn't he marry Vedika and get settled. Kartik gathers the courage to question Manish that how all that relates Daadi's health. Manish tells him that Suhasini loved him the most in the family and she is in such condition because of him. Because of him, he is afraid that they will lose Suhasini.

    Manish tells him that if he is his father, he is also Suhasini's son and he will fulfill his responsibilities of being a son. Manish orders Kartik to get married to Vedika. He requests Kartik to stop being unfair with those who are alive for the sake of who are dead. He joins hands and begs to Kartik to move on and give life to himself and Suhasini.


     He tells Kartik that there are people whose life paused because of his paused life. Naira left and took the joy of their lives with herself. He requests Kartik to bring life back to them. He again pleads to Kartik to save Suhasini's life. Kartik is left frozen. Akhilesh is still confused whether he should tell Kartik about Naira or not. Elsewhere, Naira sees Kairav playing with a paper plane.

     She tells Kairav that it would be so good if they could travel in his plane, but as they don't have much money, they will go to a place by bus. She asks Kairav to guess the place. When Kairav can't make any guess, she tells him that they will go to Udaipur by bus. Kairav is filled with excitement by the thought of meeting his father. Although Naira lost the hope of meeting Kartik in her life, now she will go back to him.

    Kairav starts packing his bags. Naira dreams of herself at the door of Goenka house. While she keeps standing, Kairav goes inside and takes the flower garland off her photo. She hopes the family to welcome Kairav with the same affection and love. She is still afraid whether they will forgive her and accept Kairav or not. But still, she has to take a chance for him and Suhasini.

     She hopes Kartik to accept Kairav as his son without any proof. Kartik enters the storeroom of the hospital and sees there. He blames her for the current circumstances and asks why she left him. He was angry, but she could have stopped him and herself. With his every breath, he loves her more and more but she left.

    There's no medicine, no injection that can help to reduce the pain in his and his family's heart. His illusion of Naira disappears and he remembers that Manish said that dead people don't come back. Through the glass, Kartik sees Akhilesh and Samarth going somewhere in haste.

    Naira gets tickets for Udaipur. Kairav calls her the best mother because she is taking him to his father, and he himself tries to be the best son. But, while drinking the milk, he spills some over the tickets. Kairav starts crying as he worries that they can't go Udaipur now. Naira consoles him. She tells him that they can get another print of the tickets or show it on their phone.

    She tells him that nothing can stop them from going Udaipur. The Goenkas are concerned about Suhasini's risky operation. Manish signs the consent form for the operation. Vedika consoles the family members. She motivates them to be strong.

    She requests Kartik to be courageous. Bhabhimaa and Naksh reach the hospital. Vedika tries to calm down a concerned Bhabhimaa. She tells her about the heart attack and the operation and tries to stop her from being stressed out. A door opens and everyone gets shocked as Akhilesh says "Maa".

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 13th July 2019 Written Update :

     Suhasini's critical condition and the family's concern, make Kartik propose Vedika to marry him.

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