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  • Wednesday, 17 April 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th April 2019 Written Update " Veena Slaps Anurag Prerna Still In Jail "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th April 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th April 2019 Written Update " Veena Slaps Anurag Prerna Still In Jail."

    Anurag turns furious and strangles Komolika when she talks against Prerna and their families. Police stop Anurag and save Komolika but Komolika determines to take the revenge by killing their family members.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 17th April 2019 

    Suddenly, Anurag opens his eyes and realize that he was just dreaming all this. He parks his car and thinks that Komolika is suspicious about him after the incident at the mall and his one step to help Prerna can lead Prerna to bigger harm. He decides that he will not fall weak and make Prerna has himself this much that she will start hating him.

    On the other hand, Basus are celebrating Prerna's arrest. They have organized a party as Komolika's Grah Parvesh. Komolika meets the guests and her friend that used to raise questions on her relationship with Anurag. She tells them that she is Anurag's real wife and his fake wife is in prison. But she gets infuriated when Mrs.

    Bhattacharjee asks her about Anurag and says Is he with his other wife, Prerna? She replies to the ladies. Mohini takes her side aside to talk to her. Komolika tells Mohini that she is scared if Anurag is near Prerna and he will bring her back.

    Anurag enters the jail to meet Prerna. He goes to Prerna standing behind the bars to confirm that his marriage with her was just a sham. Komolika is the only one he wants. He asks Prerna to think about her family and herself and stop troubling them.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  17th April 2019 Written Update and Spoiler  

    He gives an offer to Prerna that he and Komolika will help her to get out of the prison, but she has to promise she will never enter his life or his home. He expects Prerna to accept his proposal. Prerna tells him that it was her ill-fated to fall in love with him. Anurag tells her that he's not there to listen to her taunts. He is helping her just because of Rajesh uncle and he wants her to stay away from their lives. Prerna tells Anurag her decision that she loved him she'll pay for it.

    The Sindoor in her forehead has woven their fate together. And they have to be together. Forever. No matter how much she may hate him, she will always be his wife. She shows Anurag the holy thread he put around her neck and asks him why is he wearing the same thread till now. She knows that Anurag doesn't value this thread or their marriage. Anurag lies to her that he is wearing this thread because he got Komolika because of this thread and it is lucky for him.

    Prerna tells Anurag that nobody can separate them, not even he himself. He may not value it but she will honor this marriage. It may cost her life, but she will not back out. Anurag gets angry and tells Prerna that her life is in danger. Before he may speak further, Veena comes there and slaps him. She is shocked to see that Anurag has changed this much. And Prerna's love for him has thrown her behind the bars. Prerna remembers Molaye used to send Anurag at their house for extra study and she used to teach him the virtues of human beings.

    She told him the value of relations but he forgot everything. Anurag wants to tell her that he only loves Prerna but can't. He tells her about the offer he brought to Prerna. But, Veena clearly refuses to take Komolika's help and sends him back. Anurag feels sorry for misbehaving with Veena.
    Komolika gets angry as Anurag hasn't returned yet. She wants a strong excuse from him otherwise she will not spare him. She calls Anurag but he doesn't answer her call. Anurag knows that Prerna hates him now, and it's time for him to get rid of Komolika.

    He gets irritated by Komolika's call and throws his phone to the ground. Komolika gets shocked as his phone sounds switch off. Mishka comes at the party. Komolika teases Mishka as her last hope of revenge, Prerna has also gone to prison. Veena bursts into tears to see her daughter in such condition. She blames herself for sending Prerna to Basus to fight against them. If she wouldn't have sent her, she won't have suffered this much.

    Prerna consoles her and reminds her that her father used to say that iron gets stronger when it passes through fire. She is enduring the same. It's not time to cry but to get stronger. She is not falling weak but getting ready for the future. Veena and Shivani go to talk to the inspector to release Prerna.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th April 2019 Written Update :

     Komolika tries to seduce Anurag on their first night. How will Anurag save himself from Komolika's trap? 

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