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  • Wednesday, 13 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 13th March 2019 Written Update "Ishita-Raman Hides Reports from Aliya "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 13th March 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 13th March 2019 Written Update "Ishita-Raman Hides Reports from Aliya "

      The episode begins in the Bhalla house. The doctor says that if Aliya vomits after waking up, then she may have to be taken for tests.
    He tells everyone to wait. Rohan enters the house and attacks on Yug for Aliya's condition. Mani tries to stop him. Raman asks Rohan to calm down as Aliya's health is more important. Mani gets to know that Aliya isn't well.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 13th March 2019

     Ishita blames herself for giving Aliya stress. Mihika informs the family that Aliya has gained consciousness and everyone goes to see her in the room. Aliya is confused to see so many people around her and asks the doctor if someone is ill. The doctor tells Aliya that she was unconscious for a while. But she doesn't remember anything that happened. Ishita asks everyone to let Aliya rest. Yug pampers Aliya and tells that he's with her.

     The doctor wants to talk to the Bhallas. He takes them in the hall and tells that Aliya doesn't remember anything that happened. The doctor tells that Aliya is out of danger but suggests for a scan and blood tests. Yug wants to give water to Aliya but Rohan wants it to do. They start arguing among themselves. Ruhi tries to stop both of them.

    Mani reaches there and asks them to stop. Ishita frowns at them. She asks Aliya to come with her for the medical tests. Yug wants to take Aliya in the hospital and Rohan also wants the same. They again start arguing among themselves. 

    Aliya tells Rohan that she wants to go with Adi to the hospital as she's comfortable with her husband. Rohan leaves.
    Ishita goes behind him and tells him to give some time to Aliya. Ishita apologizes and he leaves. Ruhi calls Ishita as Aliya vomits. Ishita and Raman prepare to take her to the hospital for the tests. Ishita asks the doctor to come home to check the tests reports. She again gets a call from a lady for the dentistry paper she presented the previous year and she has been selected for the conference. Ishita apologizes to the lady as she can't make time.

    The lady tells Ishita that she will be the main speaker of the conference and it's a big opportunity for her. She asks Ishita to take some time to think but Ishita tells her that she can't make it as her family needs her. Raman and Ishita leave with Ruhi. Raman doesn't want to fix a contact right that moment as he's busy with his family.
    Ishita tells Raman that they can handle Aliya. Raman tells Ishita that she shouldn't miss the conference in London as so many people are there to handle Aliya. Ruhi also agrees with Raman. Raman tells that he didn't get any contract and was pretending to make Ishita understand. Ishita worries for Aliya.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 13th March 2019

    The doctor comes home to check Aliya's report. He asks the family if Aliya met with any coincidence or shock. Ishita tells him about Yug's arrival and Aliya's misunderstanding about him to be Adi. Raman tells that Aliya is in a state where she isn't ready to accept that Adi is dead.

     After hearing everything, the doctor tells the family that Aliya is living in an illusion that Adi is back as she loves him very much. He tells that Aliya's subconscious mind knows that Adi is dead but her brain isn't ready to accept that and due to this there can be a chemical reaction in the brain. Ishita gets angry at Yug and wants to throw him out of the house.

     The doctor stops her and tells that only Yug can help Aliya to get rid of the stress. He tells that Aliya is in an illusion and if suddenly it breaks, she won't be able to handle it. He also tells that if Yug goes away from Aliya suddenly then she will be uncontrollable. The doctor says that Aliya can be fine but it will take her some time to recover. Raman agrees with the doctor's suggestion. Yug takes care of Aliya. Raman says that they all have to be careful as Aliya shouldn't know what has happened to her. He also suggests to carefully give her medicines without letting her know.

    Mani is worried for Aliya. Ishita again blames herself as Yug saw Aliya through her and became obsessed with Aliya. She feels bad for Aliya as she was just going to move on with Rohan. She gets angry at Yug. Raman asks her to be calm as they have to take care of Aliya. Aliya asks Yug if her medical reports have arrived.

    Yug tries to ignore the conversation about her reports. Mani tells Ishita that they have to accept Yug for Aliya. Ishita understands that but she thinks they need to keep the imposter away from Aliya too. Aliya finds it strange as not a single family is with her. She doubts Yug about his knowledge about the reports. Yug calls her mad for overthinking.
     He asks Aliya to concentrate on her designing work. She knows that Yug is lying and so wants to talk to Ishita and Raman. She herself goes to talk to them in the hall. Aliya asks Ishita about her reports. Ishita tells her that everything is normal in the reports. Aliya wants to check her reports herself. Mihika hides her reports tactfully and gives it to Ruhi. Aliya asks why she fainted and why they are tensed. She asks them to tell her the truth.

    Mani acts to be normal. Raman tells Aliya that he has called Mani for some work purpose. Aliya wants to make dinner by herself. Ishita tells her that her favorite dishes are ordered. Mani hugs her. Aliya tells Yug that her family loves her. Ishita asks her to freshen up till the food is delivered. She asks Yug to stay away from Aliya instead of making her stressed. Yug says that he worries for Aliya and that's why he's with her. He goes to inside as Aliya calls him. Ishita doesn't want this to continue.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th March 2019 Written Update :

     Aliya asks Rohan why he threw her ice cream. Rohan tells her that Yug has put something on her ice cream. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Mani attacks on Yug. Yug tells that he has put medicine on Aliya's ice cream.

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