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  • Thursday, 14 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th March 2019 Written Update "Raman is worried for Aliya and Ishita "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th March 2019 Written Update "Raman is worried for Aliya and Ishita ."

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th March 2019 Written Update "Raman is worried for Aliya and Ishita ."

     The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Ishita calls Rohan to have dinner with them and asks him not to react in front of Yug.
     Raman asks Ishita to be careful in what she does as Aliya is their concern. Ishita is concerned for Aliya and she knows that Rohan would behave well until Yug messes up with him. She wants Rohan to know about Aliya's health.

    After having dinner, Aliya feels good. Rohan wants to take a leave but Ishita asks him to have ice cream with them. Raman thinks that Rohan should leave if he wants. Ishita thinks it's too early to leave. Raman and Ishita argue among themselves about the fact that Rohan should leave or wait for the ice cream. Aliya asks Rohan to decide what he wants.

    He wants to go after having the ice cream. Ishita goes to bring Aliya's medicine to mix it with food so that she doesn't know about it. She doesn't find Aliya's medicine anywhere and searches for it. Yug serves everyone the ice creams. Ishita asks Mihika about Aliya's anti-anxiety pills. Mihika also doesn't find it. As Yug gives Aliya her ice cream, Rohan stops him and throws it.

    Aliya gets angry at Rohan for throwing her ice cream. Rohan tells her that Yug has mixed something on her ice cream. Mani loses his control and attacks on Yug. Aliya tries to stop Mani. Meanwhile, Yug reveals that he has put medicine on Aliya's ice cream. Aliya asks Yug that why he has put medicine as she's fine. Yug laughs out and acts to be normal in front of her.

     He tells her that her hemoglobin level has fallen down and so the doctor has asked to give her iron tablets. He apologizes to Aliya for not telling her the truth. Aliya feels special as he takes care of her so much. She asks Rohan not to behave rudely with her husband. She thinks that Rohan should apologize to Yug. Rohan apologizes to Yug and leaves.

     Ishita follows him back and tells him about Aliya's report. Raman frowns at Ishita for calling Rohan for the dinner. Ishita tells him that Rohan just came to know about Aliya's condition and is ready to help them in recovering her health. Raman thanks Yug for handling the situation well without letting Aliya know about the anti-anxiety medicines.

    Ishita finds it Yug's fault to take the charge of giving medicines to Aliya as she was to give Aliya the pills in her own way. She thinks that Yug is interfering to be great in front of everyone. Raman shouts at Ishita for blaming Yug as he's helping Aliya to recover. Ishita blames Raman for not believing in her that she can't harm her children.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 14th March 2019

     She calls Yug a fraud. Raman tells her that Yug is helping their daughter Aliya and them so she shouldn't have any problem with him. Ruhi comes and tells Ishita that Aliya wants Yug to sleep in her room. Yug says to Aliya that he is comfortable in the guest room. Aliya thinks that as they are husband and wife so they should be in the same room sleeping together. Yug tries to make her understand that he's fine in the guest room.

      Raman comes and Aliya asks him to make Yug understand that he should sleep in her room. Ishita comes to the room and tells Raman that the AC in their room isn't working so they both should sleep in the hall. Ishita asks Raman to sleep on the sofa as he has back pain.
    Aliya tells them that Yug should shift in her room and they can sleep in the guest room rather sleeping in the hall. Ishita has a problem with a soft couch and doesn't want to sleep in the guest room. Raman says that they will manage.

     Yug suggests Ishita sleep with Aliya and  Raman tells that Yug should sleep in his room with him. Aliya thinks that it is the best plan. In the morning, Mihika thanks Ishita for handling the previous night situation. Ishita worries about Yug's closeness with Aliya. Ishita doesn't find her red knife. Yug comes hurriedly and takes Ishita with him.

     Ishita finds Aliya with the knife placing it near her wrist. Yug tries to stop but Ishita tells that they should be careful and casual with her. Ishita goes slowly in front of Aliya and asks her if she has seen her mobile. Aliya seems to unable to hear her. Meanwhile, a phone rings and as Aliya turns to see it, Ishita takes the knife from her. Aliya is shocked to see Ishita.

     Ishita behaves normally in front of her and goes out with Mihika. Ruhi asks Aliya if she can help her in a project. Ishita bleeds as she held the knife in her hand tightly. She blames Yug for not keeping his phone on silence. Raman tells that he has called in Yug's phone to distract Aliya. Ishita wants them to be more careful and thinks that there should always be someone with Aliya.

    Raman and Mihika think that Yug should stay with Aliya to keep an eye on her. Rohan gets angry at the manager. Karan tells him that it is his fault as the report has been prepared by him. Rohan shouts at Karan for trying to prove himself more capable than him. Sudha enters the chamber and finds Rohan and Karan arguing. 

    Karan asks Rohan to forget Aliya and stop going to the Bhalla house. Rohan claims to be Aliya's husband. Karan shouts at Rohan.
     Rohan attacks on him. Sudha gets stressed and feels unwell. She asks Rohan to leave all his emotions for Aliya as he's fighting with his brother for her. Rohan tells that they shouldn't bring Aliya into the matter as she is in a traumatic condition. Sudha tells him that he just listens to Ishita instead of her. Sudha wants to go home. Rohan and Karan want her to take her to the doctor for check up. The doctor tells Ishita to give Aliya the medicines on time.

     He wants to check up Aliya on the next day. Ishita calls Anjali to cancel his appointments for the day. Raman asks Ishita to be careful with her hand. 

    Ishita tells that she's not wrong and asks Raman that why he wants Yug to stay in the house and Aliya to be with Yug as husband and wife. Raman asks Ishita not to fight with him every time. He goes out to the office for the meeting.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th March 2019 Written Update

     Aliya shows Yug a paper and asks him to read it as Shanti has given it to her when she was in the car. Yug is shocked to see the paper blank. Ishita calls Yug to know if Aliya is with him. He asks Ishita to come there as soon as possible.

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