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  • Monday, 4 February 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019 Written Update " Anurag Finds Prerna "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019 Written Update " Anurag Finds Prerna ".

    Naveen Babu compels Prerna to marry him. He threats Prerna of harming her family.
    He continues his preparations for his wedding and sends the priest's wife to get Prerna dressed up.
     The lady comes to Prerna with a bridal dress and takes her to get her ready. On the other side, Anurag tries to speculate where the abductors must've taken Prerna.

    He reaches the location from where Prerna was kidnapped and follows the direction on which the kidnapper went.
    Meanwhile, the lady gets Prerna dressed up. Helpless Prerna can't get any way out. Following the direction the driver went on, Anurag reaches the spot where he met an accident. He looks towards the direction the kidnappers went after hitting him.
    He remembers they drove ahead from that point and he couldn't follow them because of the accident. He drives ahead in the direction the abductors took Prerna.
    The lady asks Prerna to get up but Prerna refuses to move ahead. The lady tells Prerna that she just has to take her to the pavilion, further, it's her choice to marry him or not.
    She requests Prerna to come along her as they've kidnapped her daughter and will leave her only when her husband gets Naveen Babu married to Prerna.

     She begs Prerna to come along here as it's about her daughter's life. Prerna has no other option left than moving forward for the wedding. Meanwhile, Anurag reaches the place where the kidnappers have parked their van.

    He realizes that he's a little far from Prerna. The railway track and the temple confirms his doubt that Prerna is inside the factory.

    Anurag sneaks into the factory and starts looking for Prerna. At the stairs, he saw an unconscious drunk man lying on the floor.
    He passes by him silently. As he moves ahead, he sees Prerna, dressed as a bride, moving ahead with a lady.
    He calls her name to stop her but Prerna couldn't listen to him because of the glass wall between the two rooms. In front of his eyes, he sees Prerna going upstairs, away from him.
    Excited Naveen is waiting for Prerna. Prerna reaches the pavilion. The lady thanks Prerna for her favor. Naveen gets elated to see his bride.

    Naveen appreciates his bride. Prerna criticizes Naveen. Naveen laughs over her anger. Prerna tells Naveen that if she came there, this doesn't mean that she's ready for the wedding. She asks Naveen to leave the little girl he kidnapped as her mother had fulfilled her responsibility to bring her there. Naveen agrees to fulfill Prerna's demand and frees the lady's daughter.
    He tells the lady that she'll get her daughter 200 meters away from her house. The priest also gets up to listen that their daughter is free now. Naveen stops the priest as the marriage is pending now. Naveen appreciates Prerna's kindness and asks her why she helps people in the selfish world.
    Prerna replies- Because I trust myself. She tells Naveen that his will to marry her will remain incomplete.

     Prerna doesn't know how hard this is for them to stop Naveen this time. Naveen asks Prerna if she's in love with Anurag. 

    Prerna's confession for her love for Anurag leaves Naveen astonished.

    Despite learning that Prerna loves Anurag, Naveen compels her to marry him. Suddenly, Naveen comes to know about the fire in another section on the factory. He rushes what other goons to handle the fire.

    As Prerna is alone, Anurag comes to her. Prerna gets relieved to see Anurag. She gets worried about his injuries. Anurag asks her to discuss that later and they start looking for a way out. Meanwhile, Mohini comes to know that Anurag fooled her and left to save Prerna.
    Mohini is left frozen when Nivedita tells her that Anurag is in love with Prerna. The burning window suggests Naveen that Anurag had entered the factory. 

    He starts looking for Anurag and Prerna. On the other side, when Shivani calls Anurag to give him some information, she comes to know that Anurag is in the factory with Prerna.

    She tells Rajesh about that. Rajesh, Shivani with Anupam and Molaye are heading towards the factory. Meanwhile, Naveen spots Prerna and Anurag and hits hard on Anurag's injured head.

    Precap for Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th February 2019 Written Update

     Will Prerna marry Naveen to save Anurag's life?

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