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  • Thursday, 28 February 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th February 2019 Written Update " Prerna is Pregnant Anurag Left Marriage "

     Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th February 2019 Written Update  " Prerna is Pregnant Anurag Left Marriage "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th February 2019 Written Update
    " Prerna is Pregnant Anurag Left Marriage "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th February 2019 Written Update" Prerna is Pregnant Anurag Left Marriage "
    Anurag-Komolika continues their marriage rituals. Sidhant comes ahead to help them for the Sampadan ritual. He places Komolika's hand on Anurag's hand to proceed with the ritual.
    While Prerna is rushing on the busy road, Anurag remembers how he imagined his wedding with Prerna. Prerna runs, falls but doesn't stop. Helpless Anurag sits silent and forces himself to complete the rituals. Except for Anurag, everyone enjoys the wedding.

     On the way, Prerna was about to meet an accident but fortunately, she saves herself. Komolika notices Anurag's eyes filled with tears. Prerna reaches the temple, where Anurag proposed her and promised to marry her. She rushes to the idol of Lordess Durga and asks how she let Anurag cheat her when he promised to marry her just there in front of her.
     As she starts crying while talking about her pain, the priest comes there. He asks Prerna about her problem that made her cry. But Prerna can't speak a word. The priest remembers that she's a girl who came there with a guy and was followed by some goons.
    The priest collects Sindoor from the Lordess' idol, gives it to Prerna and tells her something that leaves her shocked. Prerna wipes her tears and gets up.

    Her astonishment leaves her frozen and the Sindoor falls from her hands. She gets blessings from the priest and rushes out with some hope in her eyes. Anurag and Komolika are still engaged in their marriage rituals. While Anurag sits there depressed, Komolika enjoys her dream being accomplished.

      Anurag's mind starts flashing the moment he cheated Prerna. Each word he said, echoes in his mind. Staggering Prerna finally reaches Basu House. As she was moving ahead, a car comes from aside and hits her.
    After the accident, Prerna gets unconscious and falls on the ground. Some teens rush out of the car to look after Prerna. They sprinkle water over her to regain her consciousness.
     One of them thinks that she was rushing to the Basu House in front of them. But the other things that the house is decorated and she's wearing such dull clothes, she might not be going there. But a guy among them strongly feels that she has some connection with Basu House.

    They decide to take her hospital without any delay. They get her into the car and rushes her to hospital.
    Anurag and Komolika start the ritual of Saath Phere. Nivedita notices some worry on Anupam's face. Mohini is happy as finally, Anurag is getting married to Komolika. She feels good that this time Prerna didn't come to spoil the wedding as she came in the engagement.
     Sidhant comments that such girls have no other job then drama and spoiling such auspicious occasions. He tells Mohini that he doesn't care about Prerna and he trusts Anurag. He asks Mohini not to worry about Prerna as Anurag and Komolika are husband-wife now.

    Nivedita again sees Anupam getting restless. She thinks that she must talk to Anupam to remind him that he married her and he's living in her house under her favor. As Anupam behaves against her wish, she plans to ask Anupam to choose one between Prerna and money and expects him to choose money over Prerna.

    Mishka waits for Prerna as she also wanted her to stop the wedding. But Komolika calls Mishka to tight their Gathbandhan and assures her that now anybody can't break her relation with Anurag. Anupam is also waiting for Prerna.

    He strongly feels that she'll surely come. Depressed Anurag is just lost in Prerna's thoughts. They reach the final Sindoor ritual. The Kumkum reminds Anurag of the promise he made to Prerna. He stops and says I am sorry, I can't do this.

    He leaves the ritual midway and rushes out. Everyone gets shocked. Mohini follows him. At the hospital, Prerna regains consciousness and rushes out the bed. Doctor asks her to stop as she has good news for her. Prerna gets shocked to learn that she's pregnant. She remembers the Night They Spent in the Jungle and How One thing led to Another.

    Precap: Anurag tells Mohini about the promise he made to Prerna.

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