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  • Saturday, 22 December 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update Maha Episode 22nd December 2018 "Kartil's Decision Naira Gets Heartbroken"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update Maha Episode 22nd December 2018 "Kartil's Decision Naira Gets Heartbroken" .

     Kartik comes to Naira, determined to convince her foot abortion anyhow. While he tries to point toward 50% percent chances of the pregnancy to be again her health, Naira focuses on the 50% chances of a normal pregnancy. She continues to explain Kartik that 50% aren't less. The chances boost her hope and courage too. But Kartik isn't ready to put Naira's life at risk just for 50%. They keep trying to convince each other over their opinion. Their opposite decisions put a strain on their relationship.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 20th December 2018 

    On the other hand, Kirti proceeds to work with the company, she received a proposal from. 

    Devyani and Bhabhimaa come to her with a polite request to hire them as her assistants. To their request Kirti replies, you aren't my assistants but my guides. Bhabhimaa and Devyani are elated to get the job. Naksh also comes to join the fun and requests Kirti for a job. He puts forth his abilities to Kirti and treats her as the boss. Kirti assures a job to Naksh too.
    Kartik-Naira returns home. Suhasini asks them where they went so early morning without having breakfast. She recalls them that Naira shouldn't stay hungry for so long in such condition. Daadi offers Naira Laddoos, she prepared with things best for a pregnant lady. She asks Naira to have them and gets back to work. But Naira didn't eat them. She goes to her room, tries to continue knitting but gave up on the plan. Kartik notices upset Naira avoiding things that she was enjoying with the elation of pregnancy sometime before. Frustrated with the complications, Naira hugs Kartik and cries to express her disappointment. 

    He apologizes to Naira for the pain he's giving to her. Hurting Naira hurts him too. He convinces her that they'll sort out the problem together. 

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    He feels guilty but nothing is more important to him than Naira's life. Naira again expresses her deep desire to Kartik, to have the baby. She refuses to let the baby go and begs Kartik to let her have the baby. She doesn't have the strength to abort the baby she dream of motherhood shattering. Watching Naira in such condition afflicts Kartik but still, the horrible thought of losing her keeps terrifying him. The threat breaks him into tears.

    He can't let Naira put her life at such a risk. So he himself signs the abortion form. He fixes an appointment with gynaec for the next morning and comes to know that the form requires Naira's signature too. Getting Naira's signature over the form is another challenge for Kartik as he knows that Naira will never agree to sign. He feels guilty for his decision and apologizes to the unborn baby for his harsh decision. While Naira is waiting for the baby to come, Kartik himself forge Naira's signature on the form.
    At the night, Kartik tries to talk to Naira again but she falls asleep reading Akshara's book. Kartik thinks to wake up Naira and convince her for his opinion. He doesn't want to force her or hide anything from her. Before he may wake her up, the book slips out from hands of sleeping Naira. Kartik picks the book and starts reading. The book explains a pregnant mother's relation to his baby and also expresses how hard it is for a mother to separate the baby from herself. The clear explanation of the book shakes Kartik and puts him back into contemplation. He can't have the courage to confront Naira and rushes out of the room. While passing by, Manish notice kartik awake so late. Kartik asks Manish about his experience when Sonia was pregnant.  Kartik asks him if he was afraid? Manish expresses the fear he had during the complications in Sonia's pregnancy but also tells him how his faith helped him fight against the fear. And their baby, Kartik came in their life. Manish's experience motivates Kartik to change his decision and become a father. He puts the abortion form back in the file and decides to tell the reality to Naira. To tell her how he was compelled to copy her signature but later, how he changed the decision. He also talks to the baby and decides to be strong to save the baby and the mother.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 20th December 2018 

    Next morning, Kartik is excited to tell Naira that he changed his decision. But before he may give Naira the good news, Naira gets the abortion form filled by Kartik. She gets astonished to see her signature on the form. The thing that disturbs her the most is Kartik's deceit of copying her signature to impose abortion on her. She decides to discuss the matter with kartik, but before she may talk to him, Suhasini takes her to prepare for a Pooja. Doctor delays the appointment for an hour, so Kartik goes to complete important work. But the major decision between KaiRa remains undiscussed.
    Kirti is a bit nervous about her new job as she doesn't know what kind of people she's going to work with. The major cause behind her concern is that she came back out after signing the contract once.
    Manish comes to know that Suhasini is doing the Pooja to get a grandson. He tries to challenge Suhasini's desire but couldn't shake Suhasini's will for a son from KaiRa. Suhasini explains to Manish that Panditji told her that Kartik will have a single child so she needs a grandson to be their descendant. Manish wants to clear Suhasini's thoughts but decides to remain silent that time to avoid any drama in front of Kartik and Naira.

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    Kirti calls Naira and gives her the good news of her new online designing job.  Meanwhile, Kartik texts Kirti to ask Naira to come to the cafe near the garden as he has some surprise for her. Kirti convinces Naira to come to the cafe after Pooja but Naira still has the disappointment in her heart. Whereas Kartik is excited to surprise Naira with his changed decision. They complete the Pooja together. While Naira prays for Kartik to be ready for the baby, Kartik prepares himself for the upcoming responsibilities.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update Maha Episode 24th December 2018 :

     While Kartik waits for Naira at the cafe to surprise her, Naira herself goes to the hospital to complete Kartik's will of abortion.

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