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  • Wednesday, 19 December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 19th December 2018 " Raman-Ishita's Doubt On Rohan-Karan "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 19th December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 19th December 2018 " Raman-Ishita's Doubt On Rohan-Karan ".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where the brothers go out of the house and drive to the place where Sudha has instructed them to go. Rohan drives the bike sent by Sudha. Ruhi and Aliya reach the spot where the manager has called them to take Param's account details. Ruhi doubts whether the place is right. The girls don't find the network on their phone and worries how Raman is going to track their location. 

    Sudha has sent people to disturb Simmi but instead of her Ruhi and Aliya reach the place. She instructs the goons to disturb Ruhi and Aliya so that they don't dare to torture Rohan and Karan. The girls try to leave as they feel the place is not safe for them. But the goons arrive and harass the girls.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 19th December 2018 

     The girls try to get rid of them somehow but they aren't able to save themselves. The goons threaten the girls. Meanwhile, Rohan and Karan reach the spot and beat up the goons to save Ruhi and Aliya. Ishita and Raman also reach the spot. Raman beats the goons and they reveal that they have received money for this work. Raman doubts Rohan and Karan and blames them for the harassment of the girls.

     Rohan tells Ishita that they came to know about the situation as they heard Ishita and Raman's conversation on phone. The goons tell Raman that Rohan and Karan haven't given them money instead it was a lady who instructed them to do so. Raman asks for the lady's number and gets to know that it's Sudha. The boys don't believe it and insist that Sudha cannot do all these. Rohan suggests everyone go and meet Sudha to clear out the misunderstandings. As the brothers reach Sudha's chamber, she informs them that she has taken the revenge from the Bhallas by harassing Ruhi and Aliya. But Rohan and Karan act in a weird way. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 19th December 2018 

    Rohan asks his mother how she could not respect Ruhi and Aliya being a woman herself. Karan also doesn't feel it be acceptable to torture the girls in such a manner.

     Raman reaches there with Ishita, Aliya and Ruhi. Sudha gets upset to witness such reactions from her sons. Karan tells Sudha not to ignore the conversation as he's talking about the girls' respect. Sudha is astonished to see such changes. Rohan asks Sudha to apologize from the girls. Sudha doesn't agree to apologize and she hasn't expected such behavior from her own sons. She asks his sons to leave and be happy in their in-law's house. Raman asks them to stop the drama. He doesn't trust her and her family members. He just wants to know what's her connection with Simmi and Param's bank account. Sudha isn't ready to give him reply to his questions. She asks everyone to get out from the chamber.

    Simmi gets angry at the brothers for going out. Rohan and Karan tell them that they have gone out to save the girls and even fought with their mother for them. No one believes in their words. Simmi apologizes to the girls and Ruhi and Aliya calm her down. Ishita is too tired with the dramas and traps Sudha plans. Aliya loses her calm and says that they cannot even stay in peace in their own house due to Sudha and her sons. She wants to give divorce to Rohan. Ruhi goes to talk to her as she leaves. Koko appreciates Sudha's plan. Sudha knows that it isn't easy to convince Raman and Ishita. She has made her target to Simmi and calls the manager. She decides to put more money in Param's account and instructs him to do as she says. Ishita and Raman are worried about their daughters as their emotions are hurt every time. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 19th December 2018

    Ruhi asks Aliya why she wants to end up things. Aliya doesn't want these plans and can't tolerate the boys anymore. Ruhi reminds her of the hundred crore compensation and Sudha's occupancy in Raman's company. Aliya is tired as she doesn't trust Sudha and her sons. She wants to give them what they want and end all these soon. Ishita considers Aliya to be sensitive but strong at the same time. She wants this fight to continue as this is the fight most of the girls face of getting tortured by their in-laws. She wants Rohan and Karan to learn their mistakes and respect women in a true sense. She doesn't feel this fight should stop as no girl will get the courage in herself to fight anymore for herself. Ruhi understands Aliya's emotion but at the same time, she tries to make her understand that they shouldn't back out at this moment. Ruhi asks Aliya to be strong as they need to stand with Raman and Ishita and take revenge from Sudha. Rohan listens to the girls' conversation. Raman is worried about who's putting money in Param's account. Ishita decides to talk to the bank manager. She is also sure that the boys are planning for something evil again and so they need to keep eye on them. Simmi takes that responsibility. Rohan and Karan are given so much work. Karan is tired and thought that the Bhallas will be happy as they have helped the girls. Rohan asks Karan to wait for two more days to go out of this house as they are going to listen to their mother's divide and rule policy. Rohan wants Simmi to fall into their trap somehow.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 20th December 2018 

     Police come to arrest Mr. Iyer for running a racket of girls. Ishita gets surprised to hear that. Sudha tries to trap Simmi emotionally by talking about her dead daughter. She informs Simmi that Param has called her on the day when Ananya was dead to donate Ananya's heart.

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