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  • Thursday, 27 December 2018

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 27th December 2018 " Anurag comes for Prerna Shivani's Stunt

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 27th December 2018

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 27th December 2018 " Anurag comes for Prerna Shivani's Stunt ".

    Molaye takes Mohini aside to discuss her announcement regarding Anurag. He asks her if she made the announcement after asking Anurag? Mohini simply replies that she clearly understand what's going on in her son's heart. Molaye accepts that Mohini knows Anurag well but still he wanted such important decision to be taken by Anurag himself. Mohini continues to point the she knows his son. He loves Mishka but is a little confused. She clears that she'll never take any wrong decision for Anurag. But Molaye still focus the point that she should ask Anurag once before making the announcement.

    Wiping her tears and handling her broken heart, walks towards home. It starts raining on the way, and the rain to reminds her of Anurag. The pain and the rain get her shattered. She cries out and her heart calls for Anurag. 

    Anurag, away at the party could easily listen to her heart calling his name. He notices Prerna missing from the party. Anurag tries to talk to Mishka and discuss the confusion created. He takes Mishka aside to discuss the matter. One side, Nivedita finds Mishka perfect partner for Anurag and assumes him to be happy with her. The other side, Anupam can clearly see Anurag surrounded by confusions. Anurag takes Mishka to clear that everything happened all of a sudden in some mess. 

    He's confused how Mohini knew this all and announced that but later gets astonished to know that Mohini discussed that with Mohini. Mishka expresses her elation to be chosen for Anurag by his mother this way. She's happy to assume that destiny united them in such surprising way. While Mishka continues to convince Anurag to forgive her for the break-up and patch up again, Mohini comes there and appreciates Mishka for the way she proposed Anurag.

     Mohini feels blissful to get such a loving girl for her son and takes Mishka out to introduce her to some guests. Anurag is disturbed that sometime before he himself was desperate for Mishka to return and his mother to accept her but why isn't he excited now. He strongly feels that something wrong is going on and can't understand what his heart actually wants.
    A shattered Prerna returns home with her broken heart and tries to gather words to describe what happened to Shivani. She decides to tell her that she couldn't express her feelings to Anurag but she can't tell Shivani what actually happened and what she saw. So, she decides to tell a half-truth to Shivani and starts looking for Shivani. Searching for Shivani, Prerna enters her room but gets astonished to see Shiva's lifeless body lying on the floor logged with blood. 

    Panicked Prerna rushes to shake Shivani to wake up. But Shivani just spells out some fade words and gets unconscious. Prerna shouts loud to gather the whole family for help and rush Shivani to hospital.

    While Mohini introduces Mishka to some guests, Nivedita takes her aside to congratulate her for her victory. Mohini clears to Nivedita that she didn't do this in response to any challenge or game but genuinely for her son's happiness. Molaye again asks Mohini to ask Anurag's opinion regarding her decision. To end the argument, Mohini gathers all the guests and asks Anurag to express his excitement for this relation. Before Anurag may clear up his opinion to gather words, Molaye comes to know about Shivani's suicide attempt. Anurag also gets worried for Prerna and rushes for the hospital with Molaye. Anurag reaches the hospital to support Prerna in the hard times.

    Precap: Shivani is pregnant?

    PRECAP  For Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 28th December 2018 :

     Shivani Reveals that She is Pregnant.

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