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  • Friday, 2 November 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update"Raman-Ishita's Karwa Chauth"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update"Raman-Ishita's Karwa Chauth".

    The episode starts in the Bhalla house. Ishita reaches home. Everyone is worried about her. Ishita's mother feels that she is tired as she is fasting for Karva Chauth. Shagun also tells her that she has called her so many times. They ask her where she was. Ishita says that she didn't know that they called her. Even she has forgotten her phone in the car. Shagun asks her where she was after giving Aliya's churni. Ishita seems tired and helpless.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update 

    The boy who works for Vijender tells him that how he allowed Raman to go easily in spite of ishita's complain to the police. Vijender tells him that Raman has to finish their work first. He doesn't want to take tension. He asks the boy whether the work is properly done. The boy assures him that he has put the dead bodies of the couple by cutting their body parts into pieces inside Raman's car. Vijender appreciates the boy. He makes laugh of Raman as he doesn't even know what is there inside his car. He knows that if the police get to know about the dead bodies then he will be caught.
    Sudha is shocked to know that the shareholders of Raman's company are not ready to sell their shares.

     She cannot figure out the matter. The informer informs Sudha that Raman has promised his shareholders to give higher dividends. Sudha gets shocked again as she knows that Raman doesn't have much money left for running his company. She also remembers how Ishita had to sell all her jewelry for buying the shares of the company. Sudha comes to know that Raman has invested few crores in his company and he has enough capital in his hand. She wonders who's the person behind Raman's back up.
    Raman reaches home and tries to figure out what's there in his car. Romi comes to Raman and tells him that he looks tired. Romi tells him that Ishita is fine now as she was missing while coming from the temple. Raman asks him to go to the house.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update 

    Ruhi asks Ishita if the couple would be fine. Ishita says that she doesn't think so as she doubts Vijender. Ishita tries to call the police. Raman comes home calling Ruhi's name. He is very happy to hear the news of Ruhi's marriage. He asks her whether she has agreed to the marriage proposal truly. Ruhi confesses that Karan's a loving and caring guy so she has thought of giving a chance to their relationship. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman whether he agrees for Ruhi's marriage on the same day with Aliya. Raman gets excited to hear that. Ruhi also agrees for the wedding. Raman hugs both Aliya and Ruhi and feels himself the luckiest father. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that Vijender is not a good person and he has also ruined the environment of Aliya's mehendi. So he asks Raman to stay away from Vijender as there are two wedding ceremonies in the house. Raman says that Ishita over analyses things and Vijender is his business client which he cannot avoid. Raman promises to handle every matter. Ishita hugs both her daughters. Mrs. Bhalla asks everyone to hurry up as there will be puja for Karva Chauth. Ishita comes to talk to Raman and asks him his connection Vijender. Raman asks her to stay away from Vijender's life as she has gone to his house with police. Ishita asks him how he knows that she has gone to Vijender's house. He tells her that he has gone after she came back and found the police officer there. Ishita gets irritated when she comes to know that Raman has taken Vijender's side and told the officer that nothing has gone wrong there.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update

      Ishita tells Raman that Vijender has kidnapped a couple and doesn't know if they are alive. Raman shouts at her asking her whether she has seen everything in her own eyes. Raman feels sick and tired of Ishita. Ruhi comes to call Raman as Tina has arrived. Ishita calls Romi. He asks her if she could get any pieces of information. Ishita doesn't understand anything. She asks Romi to take all the information of Vijender and find the connection of him with the couple. Ishita feels that something is not right. Romi informs her that her car has been sent to the mechanic for repair.

    The ladies celebrate Karva Chauth in the Bhalla house. Mrs. Iyer informs Mrs. Bhalla that all the husbands have gone to her kitchen for making dinner for the ladies. Mrs. Bhalla is surprised to hear that. Kaushalaya comes to their home. She appreciates Aliya for looking so beautiful. Ruhi apologies to Kaushalaya for not keeping fast. Kaushalaya tells her that Karan has already mentioned her of Ruhi unable to keep fast. Mihika finds Karan to be an understanding boy.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update

    The men wear their aprons to cook for the ladies. Romi blames Rohan for such a bad idea since no one knows cooking there. Rohan asks him to relax and understand the emotions. Karan asks Raman to teach him how to make palak paneer as it's Ruhi's favorite dish. Raman keeps thinking what's in his car. He agrees to help Karan. Mani tells everyone to focus. Raman tries to go out but Mr. Bhalla stops him to go.
    The ladies sit together for the puja. Ishita goes to bring the candle. Shagun asks her if everything is alright with her as she seems worried. Ishita tells her that she is thinking of the weddings.
    Raman helps Karan for cooking palak paneer. Mr. Iyer says that the cricket match has started. They go to see the match. The puja starts. Suddenly Rohan remembers what happened to their cooling. Everyone runs to see their foods. They see their dishes burnt. Rohan plans for something. Pihu calls the men for Karva Chauth. Everyone stands with their partners on the roof and waits for the moon to come up in the sky. The ladies are hungry. Aliya wonders what the men have cooked for them. Karan starts coughing hearing Aliya. Ruhi provides water to him. Karan tells her that she doesn't need to fast for him and he's happy in that way. Mr. Bhalla says that this fast is done by the wives for the husbands to pray for their long life. Ishita says that not only wives husbands also keep fast like Raman does for her. Everyone appreciates Raman. Karan mistakenly tells everyone about palak paneer. Aliya asks Rohan what else has been cooked. Rohan asks her to relax and wait for a few minutes. Finally, the moon is seen. The rituals of Karva Chauth is followed by every couple.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest News Update 5th November 2018 Written Update

     Police comes to the Bhalla house. They search Raman's car and find bad smell over there. Sudha claims that the dead bodies are in Raman's car. Raman is shocked to hear that.

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