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  • Friday, 2 November 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update "Anika irritates Shivaay,Shivaays' Nani's Entry"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update "Anika irritates Shivaay, Shivaays' Nani's Entry".

    Shivaay wakes up from the relieving sleep and gets astonished to realize that he actually slept so easily after many years. Another dose of astonishment for him is to discover something written on his hand. He reads "Annika meri beewi hai" written on his hand. There comes Annika humming and wiping her wet hair. Shivaay asks her what's this? Annika asks what? Shivaay shows her the hand and asks what's this? Annika replies to your hand. Shivaay asks and what's written on my hand? Annika says show me, goes near Shivaay and waves her wet hair over him. Shivaay forgets his decision once and pulls Annika. But again he comes back to his senses, shows his hand and asks Annika what's this? Annika reads and starts praising Shivaay for writing the statement over his hand. But Shivaay knows that Annika wrote this on his hand.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update

     Annika accepts that she wrote and asks Shivaay but how you'll prove this? Annika goes out of the room and before Shivaay could do anything Khanna enters the room with some files and asks Shivaay for his signature. Shivaay pulls down his sleeve to hide his hand but Khanna points towards his palm and asks sir what's this? Shivaay finds the same line written on his palm. Embarrassed Shivaay asks Khanna to give him to file and leave. Khanna goes out. Shivaay tries to wash off his hands but it doesn't erase. Annika says you can't erase my name from your hands, how you'll erase it from your heart? Shivaay tries to calm down himself.

    Shivaay reaches the dining table. In the kitchen, Annika is prepares something with excitement and sends the dish for Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya ask Annika the reason behind her excitement.  Annika replies will know now and wait for Shivaay's reaction. Shivaay gets a sandwich with "Annika meri beewi hai" written on it. And he shouts Annika. Annika goes to Shivaay and asks what happened? Shivaay asks what's this? Gauri and Bhavya also reach the dining table. Everyone burst into laughter to see the sandwich. "Why so much noise" a voice comes from the hall. And it's Daadi. Omru meets Daadi. Om asks her you passed many days this time? 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 2nd November 2018 Written Update

    Looking at Shivaay Daadi says I still had no mind to return but Roop has come and Diwali is also near so I came. Shivaay moves ahead and touches Daadi's feet but she avoids Shivaay and turns. Shivaay says not an apology but you can give blessings to your Billu. Daadi replies no you've lost that right too. The day my Tej died, my Billu too died. You wouldn't raise a hand over your brothers if you were my Billu. Shivaay has no answer and leaves without having breakfast.

    Shivaay receives a courier and gets impatient to open it. It contains a paper with "Annika meri beewi hai" written on it. Shivaay calls Annika and chides her for the joke. Annika says double sorry to Shivaay in advance for her upcoming mischief. Shivaay goes to the conference room for his meeting. He starts the projector but the slide displays "Annika meri beewi hai". Shivaay has to face extreme embarrassment in the meeting because of Annika.

    Daadi gives gold coins to Bhavya and Gauri for Lakshmi Puja on Diwali and tells them that daughter-in-law keeps the coin during the Puja according to the family tradition. Annika requests Daadi for her coin as the elder Bahu of the family. Daadi gives her the coin and tells her that am not upset from you but Shivaay. Annika requests Daadi to help to reunite the family and Shiv OmRu to celebrate the Diwali together with any streak. Rudra implements his plan to target Shivaay and creates a scary atmosphere in his room to remember him about his past. Shivaay gets panicked. A lady enters Oberoi mansion.

    PRECAP For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th November 2018 Written Update :

    Annika tells Naani that she's Shivaay's wife. But Naani doesn't believe her and reminds Shivaay about her promise of Shivaay's pre-planned marriage.

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