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  • Friday, 9 November 2018

    Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update"Shivaay Saves Anika from Fire Obro's Reunited"

     Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update"Shivaay Saves Anika from Fire Obro's Reunited".

    The episode starts with Gauri consoling upset Annika. Shivaay, unaware of the danger over him, is watching hurt Annika.

    A large decorated frame is about to fall over him. Rudra rushes to save Shivaay and holds the heavy frame. Om also joins Rudra to handle the threat over Shivaay. They refix the frame and move near Shivaay. Shivaay thanks them and moves ahead. Rudra stops him to talk to him. But he can't directly speak what he wants. Instead, he asks him to be careful from the wires. Shivaay replies Ok and leaves. 

     Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update

    Bhavya suspects Rudra's unsaid expressions and asks what happened? Rudra says I want to thanks Bhaiya for saving my life but I can't. Bhavya gets overwhelmed at Rudra's efforts and says sometimes feeling is more important than saying. And Shivaay must be understanding your feelings. And also expresses her happiness to see the older cute Rudra back instead of the cranky one. She requests him to stay the same. But Roop Buaa isn't enjoying the change in Rudra.

     Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update

    Aruna gives Diwali gifts to her grandchildren. ShiOmru and Priyanka thanks her. Aruna calls Twinkle for Diwali Pooja. She asks Twinkle and Shivaay to light the lamp together as it's their first Diwali together. Annika gets more disturbed but still remains silent. She is about to leave, Gauri tries to stop her. But Annika can't bear this and gets up.

    Aruna asks her where are you going? And compels Annika to stay in the Pooja and see Shivaay with Twinkle. Twinkle holds Shivaay's hand and starts taking him ahead to light the lamp. Shivaay silently moves with her but his eyes stick to Annika's upset face. It gets unbearable for Annika and she moves ahead to leave. But a voice comes from behind saying 'I can't do this'. 

    Annika turns to realize that Shivaay said this. But as she turns Shivaay makes an excuse I can't do this. I meant I can't do this with mustard oil. Am allergic to this. This lamp contains mustard oil so I can't do this. But Annika understands the reality behind his excuse and moves back. She stands near a lamp and her Dupatta catches fire from it. Shivaay can't hide his concern to see Annika in danger and rushes to extinguish the fire. He's continuously trying to blow out the flame with his hand. Meanwhile, a spark flies out and lights the lamp ahead. Shivaay takes a sigh of relief after extinguishing the fire and then notices the burning lamp in front of him. Gauri describes lightning of the lamp as God's sign to Shivaay that even without his will he lit the lamp with Annika.

     Ishqbaaz 9th November 2018 Written Update

    Oberois start their Diwali Pooja. One by one each couple come ahead to pray. It's Shivaay's turn to come ahead with his wife. Annika thinks Shivaay may choose to pray with Twinkle but Shivaay holds her hand and takes her ahead for Diwali Pooja. Shivaay chooses Annika because he didn't want to break Annika's heart on Diwali but decides to not fall weak next time. Daadi asks her Bahus to keep their coins in front of Lordess Lakshmi. Later the ShiOmru completes the Pooja by doing Aarti together.

    Roop Buaa again tries to provoke Rudra against Shivaay but her attempts went into vain. After Diwali Pooja, the family plays Teen Patti together. Aruna represents the Sehgals and the other whole family represents Oberois. But still, Sehgals win. And it's time for Aruna to punish Kalyani. Aruna asks Daadi to dance on Shammi Kapoor's song. Daadi starts dancing and later the whole family joins her. In between the celebration finally, Rudra gains the courage to say sorry to Shivaay and thanks Shivaay. Shivaay bursts into tears and hugs Rudra. Om also joins them and finally, ShiOmRu reunite. The whole family gets overwhelmed to see them together. But Roop Bua can't tolerate this 'Happy Family'.

    Precap for Ishqbaaz 10th November 2018 Written Update :

    Shivaay decides to call a press conference and announce that he's going to marry Twinkle and has no relation with Annika.

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