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  • Thursday, 9 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 9th August 2018 "Param's Plan to Kill Ishita"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 9th August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 9th August 2018 "Param's Plan to Kill Ishita"
    Mihka checks Adi's temperature and finds it 103° C. Ishita gets astonished as when she checked.. she didn't suspect fever.

    Ishita asks Mihka to relax as she is a doctor and she can feel by touching him that he's fine. Mihka asks why should they take any chance. They must go to the doctor.  Santoshi agrees to Mihka and asks to take Adi to doctor. Little Adi starts crying as he goes into Ishita's lap. Mihka takes him back from her. Raman. Ishita and Mihka take little Adi to doctor.
    Simmi replaces the gripe water of Adi with another bottle filled with bitter juice as per their plan. Santoshi is worried about Adi. Madhvi asks her not to worry. Raman. Ishita and Mihka return home with Adi. Santoshi asks Mihka if he is fine. Mihka tells her that he is fine. He didn't have a fever. 

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    The doctor suggested giving gripe water to him. Madhvi suggests to take Mihka and baby Adi to her home as a change of atmosphere may make him feel better. Ishita goes to pack their luggage. Santoshi is a little uncomfortable to send Adi too Iyer's house.
    Madhavi serves food herself to Mihka. Bala comes home. He saw baby Adi sleeping.  Their doorbell rings. Bala rushes to open the door. A lady enters inside and asks Bala to return fees of her son as she is canceling his admission.

     Bala asks her what the matter is? He tells her that her son was an average student earlier but after his classes, he is securing good marks. Mrs. Dixit asks him not to credit himself for his results of her son because it's all because of Swati Shukla. Santoshi also came there and listened to their conversation. Bala asks Mrs.Dixit who's Swati Shukla. She tells him that she is a lady who got supernatural powers from God. And she can even tell what's going on in his life just by looking at his face. Ishita also came there and saw Santoshi listening Mrs. Dixit with great interest. 

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    Mrs. Dixit continues praising Swati Shukla. Bala gets irritated by her talk and asked her to take her money back from his coaching center. Baby Adi wakes up and starts crying. Ishita puts gripe water into Adi's mouth. She doesn't know that Simmi replaced the bottle with bitter juice.  The baby didn't stop crying. Bala asks Mrs. Dixit to leave. But she says that she needs to talk something. She asks them to take Adi to Swati Shukla as she can treat him better. Ishita tells her that they know how to handle their baby and asks her to leave.

    YHM Written Updates 9th AUGUST 2018

    Santoshi takes Mrs. Dixit out and asks her about Swati Shukla. She asks her to visit Shukla once. Param was listening to their conversation. Mrs soft m Dixit asks her to take the person or his picture to her. And she will tell the problem and solution also. Santoshi takes her address and agreed to visit her that day.

    Santoshi goes to meet Swati Shukla. Shukla asks her to give her the picture and birth certificate of her grandson. Santoshi gives her the picture. Shukla saw the picture and told her that he's 23 days old. He has no parents. He's crying very much since last night.  Santoshi agrees.

    Simmi asks Mrs. Dixit if she explained the white background to Swati Shukla as her mother had gone to meet her. Mrs. Dixit tells her that she explained to her everything. Simmi gives some money to her. Mrs. Dixit asks her to call her if she may have any work in the future and leaves. Param comes there. Simmi tells him how hard it is for her. Param replies that he is doing all this for Ananya. He also tells her that Santoshi will surely get trapped into their plan.
    Swati asks Santoshi who stay near this baby.

    Santoshi tells her that the whole family lives near him. Swati Shukla tells her that an evil spirit keeps moving around the baby. Santoshi gets worried. Swati points indirectly towards Ishita to be the dangerous evil spirit over her grandson that can harm him a lot. Swati Shukla asks her to decide who's more important to her... Adi or Ishita? She tries best to trap Santoshi in her delusion.
    Simmi and Param are waiting for Swati's call to know what happened there. Simmi tells Param that Santoshi will never go against Ishita. Param asks Simmi to be patient. Santoshi requests Swati Shukla to help her to take the evil spirit away from her Adi. She gives a packet to Santoshi and asks her to mix the medicine in milk and give it to Ishita... Then the evil spirit will go away from them and Adi will be safe. Swati calls and informs Param that she made their plan successful.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 10th August 2018:  Santoshi gives poisoned milk to Ishita. Ishita drinks it.

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