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  • Wednesday, 8 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 8th August 2018"Raman Teases Ishita Calls Her Jhasi Ki Rani"

    YHM Written Update 8th August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 8th August 2018"Raman Teases Ishita Calls Her Jhasi Ki Rani"

    Simmi feels relieved to know that Ananya is fine. Madhvi thanks God to save Ishita from false blame.

    Simmi asks the doctor to let her meet Ananya once. The doctor tells her that she can't as Ananya wants to meet her mother first. Simmi tells Param that Ananya is fine now. Raghav's wife comes there and asks the doctor about Ananya. The doctor tells her that she is absolutely fine now. Raghav's wife rushed to meet Ananya. She gets emotional to see her daughter. Doctor asks her to go out as a nurse has to give some injections to her.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  8th August 2018 Written Update 

    Raghav's wife thanks doctor for saving her daughter. Doctor asks her to thanks Raman and Ishita instead. As if they both didn't bring Ananya hospital on a time. It would be hard to save her daughter. Ishita tells Raghav's wife that they are happy that Ananya is out of danger. Simmi asks Raghav's wife not to trust her as she is the one who tried to kill her daughter. Simmi asks the inspector to arrest them. Mani requests inspector not to listen Simmi as he himself know that Raman and Ishita can't do anything like this. Inspector asks Raman and Ishita to go with them as they want to inquire something on basis of the statement of Ananya's mother.


    At the police station... Raman asks Ishita not to take much stress as they are just called for an inquiry and they will tell the truth. They don't need to be afraid of they did nothing wrong. Raman and Ishita get surprised to get tea offered to them. Inspector asks them what happened?  The tea is for them. And asked them to relax. Raman said that he didn't understand what's this going on? Inspector says sorry for the inconvenience and tells them that they took the statement of Raghav's wife. Raman asks him what she said? Inspector plays the audio of her statement. She said that she couldn't do anything as she was blackmailed. Inspector asks her who blackmailed her. She said that she doesn't know his name but he narcotized her by smelling her something. And she doesn't know what happened after that. As she gained consciousness she was found in Raman Bhalla's car trunk. Raman asks inspector what is he going to do now. Inspector tells them that he thinks that Param sent someone to kidnap Raghav's wife. Ishita tells him that they always had a doubt on Param. Inspector tells them that they too doubt him but don't have any proof against him.


    He asks Raman and Ishita for their help. Raman asks him how they can help? Inspector tells them that they all live in the same house. So they can keep a better eye on them. And asked them to tell him if they may get any information. But they may continue their acting to distract Param until they get any proof against him. Inspector tells them that they can go home now as he called their relatives. Ishita asks relative??? And Shagun enters in. She said that she will say to everyone that she and Mani brought them out on bail basis. Ishita thanks inspector and tells him that she is worried about Chanda and her daughter. Doctor asks her not to worry as Chanda and her daughter are under police protection.

    Param tells Simmi that he thinks that police is in their support. Param remembered Simmi that Ishita got escaped after killing their daughter and this time also she is moving freely from jail. Simmi expresses her happiness that Ananya is safe now. But Param continues to provoke Simmi against Ishita.

    Initially, Simmi denied but later Param gets successful to convince her that they are going to kill Ishita to take revenge for Ananya's death. Simmi asks Param if police have doubt on them...and they will kill Ishita.. so they'll get caught. Param tells Simmi that they are not going to kill Ishita but someone from their own family will.
    Little Adi starts crying. Ishita tries to calm him. Param and Simmi saw them. Mihka takes Adi back from Ishita and tries to make him sleep. The baby gets calm as he went into Mihika's lap. Raman said that the baby must've recognized that she's 'Jhansi Ki Rani" and as baby's grandfather is afraid of the her..the baby must be too. Ishita throws pillow over Raman.
    Param tells Simmi that Santoshi is the weakest link of the house and they can use her to kill Ishita. He planned to use Adi to make his plan successful.
    Next morning... Mihka leaves baby Adi and goes to take shower. As Mihka went. Param and Simmi enter in. Simmi said to Param that she can't harm such a little baby. Param puts something into Adi's mouth.  The baby didn't stop crying. Mihka takes him near Ishita. Ishita checks the baby but found his body temperature normal. Param planned to show fake temperature to Mihka on a digital thermometer. Mihka takes Adi down to check his temperature.

    Precap For YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN 9th AUGUST 2018 :
     Param indirectly sends Santoshi to Swati Shukla, a fake astrologer. Swati tells Santoshi that there's an evil spirit near her grandson.

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