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  • Monday, 30 July 2018

    Zoya Feed Aditya with her Hands Love in the Air Bepannaah 30th July 2018 Segment Video Written update

    Bepannaah 30th July 2018 Latest News

    Bepannaah 30th July 2018 Latest News

    Zoya Feed Aditya with her Hands Love in the Air Bepannaah 30th July 2018 Segment Video Written update.

    Segment Start with Aditya at Zoya’s House Because of Rain he Has to Stay Night at Her House and Both are Dressed in White Aditya in White Jurta Pajama and He is Sitting on the Swing and Zoya comes with Noddles for Him and For Her too.
    She Gives Him Bowl and Tells him to Eat But He has wound on his Hand That’s why he thinks he will Eat Later But Zoya Scolds him and tells that It will be Insult of My Noddles if You will Eat After Getting Cold.

    Bepannaah Future Story Zoya-Adiya's Love Story to Start

    Aditya Asks Her Will You Give Me Punishment for that?
    She Says Yes and What will I give You Punishment You Have to Accept that Zoya Notices His Wound and Then She Tells him that She will Feed Him.
    She Feeds Him with her hands and Making Faces while Feeding he Smiles and Eats with her hands.

    Zoya’s Sister is watching all This from Other Room and Calls Arjun and While Laughing She Says That Zoya is Feeding Aditya with her hand and Arjun is Happy to Listen to this.
    After this Zoya Sees Eyebrow’s Hair Below Aditya’s Eyes She Takes in Her hands and Gives Him to Make A Wish.
    He Looks at her and Segment Finish On this Scene.

    There Arjun is Happy that His Bhai is Moving In his Life and More Happy That Zoya is with him.
    Will Zoya and Aditya Realize Their Feeling for Each-Other? How will Their Love Story Shape Up?
    Stay Tuned into for More Updates, Future Story. Upcoming Segment. Written updates of Bepannaah.

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