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  • Friday, 6 July 2018

    Kaira Short Story : Sherni's Diary Part 1 Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai Fan-Fiction


    "Sherni’'s Diary"

    Kartik's narration

    My life turned around when I read my best friend's diary. MY Sherni's diary...

    You might ask, who is Sherni ? And how did it happen?

    Well, I guess you are in for a story of our fav KAIRA...

    The name of my best friend is Naira... but I call her Sherni...
    She is not a total Sherni...Khookar Type and Wanna Attack 
    she is very intelligent

    We were friends since middle school and then high schools,bechlors and are still friends, best ones.

    Sherni and I went to different collage because I was kicked out of her college for getting into a fight with her mister perfect Amit.

    When Sherni found out that her mister perfect Amit wasn't so perfect and was using her, it broke her heart I couldn't stand it.Not at all.

    So, her twin brother Naksh and I (like the protective donkeys) went to the guy’s house and beat him till death.

    He was admitted in the hospital for two weeks ,poor Boy...

    As for me ,I was kicked out of the college...

    It didn't matter to me because the collge was too strict and had too much rules and regulations.

    And rules don't bind me ,never...

    Our principal Mr purshottam patel , or what I liked to call him Mr pappu, had given me a last warning and had said that If I did any thing that is wrong I will get kicked out.

    So goodbye , Mr Pappu...

    Naira lived with her parents Naitik uncle and Akshra aunty two houses away from my house.

    I lived with a my mother who is so busy in Business with Naitik uncle...after my father's death Naitik uncle is the only person who takes the responsibility of Goenka Industry...Untill i complete my father’s last wish which is he wants me to do MBA from reputed college...

    I have no siblings so i wouldn't be at home. I would always be at Miss Sherni’s and Naksh's place or my girlfriend’s houses.

    Naitik uncle and Akshra aunty are great , they let me stay at their place bcoz i learnt and help uncle in Industrie’s, Naira and Naksh study late night and they let me sleep at their guest room.

    I had a lot of girlfriends .I have dated more than a dozen girls till high school and college but had never seen Naira in that sense.

    After graduating from Collage Miss Sherni, Naksh and I wanted to go to Post Graduation far away from home.

    First my mom disagree but after Sherni's assurance that i ll be her responsibility...
    she agreed...and i also want to do MBA from reputed college...its my father's last wish...

    We moved out to Pune and found an apartment for us to stay together.
    Its 5 bhk apartment beautiful...

    Pune :

    Naksh and I got admission in Narsee Monjee University due to high reach of our parents.

    But Sherni's super ingenuity got into her into Symboisis . She was this brainy since kindergarden as she has won so many spelling bees and whole other prizes which I can't write or even pronounce and half of them are unheard of.

    So due to Miss Sherni's intelligence and caring nature she was going to stay with us and also takes responsibility of me and Naksh.Lol...

    After 1 month

    the courses had started I got sick with fever and had to stay back at the apartment.

    I had a massive headache and really needed some medicine. So I went to Miss Sherni's room to take some of hers.She always have medical shop in her purse lol

    After entering her room , I saw the asprin's box right at the table. I took some and jumped on to Miss Sherni's bed to sleep. As I laid on her bed, I could fell something under the Pillow.

    Due to the overwhelming curiosity, I took it out only to find :
    A diary its

     "Sherni's diary"

    Next Part Soon...Please comment Guys and Let me Know How much You Like It 

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