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  • Friday, 6 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 6th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay-Anika come Closer While Spying on Daksh"

    Ishqbaaaz 6th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay-Anika come Closer While Spying on Daksh"

    Episode Start with Anika Gets A Nightmare of Daksh She Runs to shivaay’s Room who is reading Book gets shocked to See Anika is Locking the Door He Asks her what are You doing She tells Him to Listen to Him Once.

    She Again tells him That Daksh is not Good for Priyanka he doesn’t Respect to any women and He Misbehaved with me Shivaay Shouts On her that One Side You Care for Priyanka and Other Side you are ruining her Marrige She Tells him that She Wants to Keep Priyanka Safe Seeing His No Reacttion She About to Go But Shivaay Stops her and tell her that He will Do what She Wants But He tells He is not Believing On her He is doing Because He wants to prove her wrong.She tells She will Expose him She Has Plan.
    Next Day


    They come to outside of Payal’s House and Starts Anika’s Plan and They are Keeping Eye on Who is Meeting Payal .They Sent a Free Resort trip Coupon to her and She Tells that Men that She didn’t Participated But That Men Give her Free Coupon of Resort In Lonavla.She Calls Daksh and Tells him to Acompany her.While Watching Them from Corner Suddenly Shivaay Sees Payal Looks at their Direction and Shivaay Pulls Anika In His Arms.His Face is So Close to her and Anika is Still Shock why her Like this.

    Her Hairs Are on her Face She Slowly does her Hair aside from her face and Looks at Shivaay’s Face. Shivaay who is Lost In Anika’s Beauty doesn’t Realize that he is Holding her by Her Shoulder that too close to his Face.He Slowly Leaves his grips on her Shoulder and Anika who is Lost In His Eyes Realizes that They are So Close.

    Shivaay Gives Daksh one File and Tells him to go to Lonavla for some work He tells Shivaay that He Can’t Go because He Keeps Free Himself for Priyanka Anika is Listing all this and Shivaay tells In Loud Voice to Daksh that he Knows How Much you Love Priyanka.
    Priyanka comes and takes Daksh Away for Shopping.Anika comes and Shivaay Blasts on her that Your Plan is Flopped. Just then Priyanka comes and tells that Daksh has some Emergency that’s why Shopping Plan Cancel.She Leaves and Anika and Shivaay decide to Follow Daksh.
    They come Out Shivaay comes to car and He Looks Behind Anika and asks where are you Going?

    She tells him to take An Auto He asks her Are you Going Lonavla from Auto She Says No I am going to Bus Stand from Auto from there I will Take Bus you go with Your Car I will meet You there

    Shivaay gets Angry and Taunts on her that I will Follow my To be brother-in-law and Spy on Him and Will wait for your bus to Reach Lonavla Am I Right?

    She Gets Hesitate But He continues that You can come to my room at night But You can’t go with me in the Same Car are you Scared?

    She Says Nothing He Gets Inside the Car and Roars the Speed She Gets His Signal She tells Just For Priyanka and Sits in The Car.

    There At Daksh is getting Close to Payal He tells Payal That he Made Priyanka and Shivaay fool and come here.
    He tells her how He Made Shivaay Fool and come here to Spend Time with her.
    In The Car Anika Thinks that How This Long Ride will Finish if we Stay Silent like this.She Says That He is So Strange Shivaay Listens and asks her Am I Strange?
    She tells When I said that He Says I Listen what are You talking About.
    She tells We should Listen to Music otherwise You Will Sleep While Driving He Looks at her She tells That Can we.
    They Start the Music and Some Odd Songs Play which make them uncomfortable Shivaay gets Angry and Break the Music System.
    She Murmurs that He Always Breaks The Things Shivaay Listen this Too and Fumes.
    They Finally Reach Lonavla and come out of car
    >After They Reach the Same Resort and They Have Hit and Miss Moment at Resort with Daksh.
      Shivaay gets Details and Book a Room in front of Daksh's Room

      Anika Paces To her Room and She is Keeping Eye on Daksh's Activity She Sees Him Getting Closer with Priyanka and Close the Room.

    PRECAP :
    Shivaay and Anika at Daksh's Room Daksh Gets shocked too See Them.Shivaay Sees Payal and asks Him What is He Doing here with Payal.

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