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  • Tuesday, 17 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 17th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay-Anika's Hug Romantic Moments"

    Ishqbaaaz 17th July 2018 Written Update
     Ishqbaaaz Redux 17th July 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaaz 17th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay-Anika's Hug Romantic Moments"
    In today's episode Shivaay and Anika were sharing their emotions to each other they are full of tears while talking to each other Shivaay made a video to release his anger and pain on the advice of Anika.

    He expressed his grief about how his family gets parted because of a second woman in his father's life. It's very hard for Shiva's family to survive but they suffered in the same situation and just because of that his parents never Ever able to make a strong bond. They survive without the real love and care. So as Anika stated her feeling for her mother who left her father in the lack of money and luxurious life. Her mother left them when they were very young. So she hadn't told the truth of her mother to Gauri yet. 

    Gauri thinks that her mother died in an accident but the truth is their mother left them for a rich person. Shivaay asked Anika not to cry because whenever tears rolled down from her eyes its get hard for Shivaay to stay calm. He never wants Anika to flow tears. He cannit see Anika in such painful situation. He also said, Anika, that whenever he found Anika in pain and tears his heart desires to hug Anika tightly. He suddenly hugged Anika stating his feeling against Anika. He condemned his true feeling for Anika. So as Anika get closed and they hugged each other tightly.


    Anika thanked Shivaay for listening to her. Also, Shivaay complimented Anika that she is very nice. where Anika told Shivaay that she is feeling God and her heart gets lighter after talking to him. Anika thanked Shivaay for listening to her secret. Then only while hugging each other Shivaay stated that he also has a secret to tell Anika but he doesn't know why he did it also he doesn't want to do it but he did it. Shivaay opened his feelings that he insisted Anika to wear the ring and put the ring in her finger because he doesn't want Anika wore Nikhil's ring in her finger listening to Shivaay Anika get apart from Shivaay. 

    Astonishing Anika asked why he did so ??!! Shivaay cleared Anika that he wants that Anika wore his ring, not of Nikhil's ring. But why he wanted so he doesn't know too.
    After listening to Shivaay Anika laugh out loud saying how funny this is!!!

    That our functions are heading one by one but all are getting clashed with us firstly that Roka where Anika cross under the bride's veil then sagai and then engagement. Even when they are pretending that they don't like each other and know each other too. Shivaay mentions that there is something between us very distinguished and special. He thoughtfully said that it could happen that after all these incidents we both get married to each other. Anika smiles and replied to Shivaay that it might happen too. She smilingly said what if we get married now here only then Shivaay says no not marriage some other thing will happen now. Shivaay splashes a glass of water on Anika's face she gets scared of Shivaay's attitude.

    In return Anika did the same and shared their laughs funnily. Shivay started roaming and dancing  around Anika suddenly the song "Aaj rapat jayein to Hume n uthaiyo started playing in the background and both of them playfully started dancing. Shivay and Anika slept with each other and they don't realise it too in between Gauri makes a call. The phone rings  Shivay wakes up and heard the phone ringing. Gauri was afraid for Anika. There come Omkara and Rudra found all the lights were switched off. Omkara said Shivay needs to inform at least if he don't want to come on Khanna's dinner.Omkara and Rudra doubted and started calling Shivay and reached to his room. Shivay wakes up Anika. Both of them found each other in the same bed and get confused. Anika asked Shivay what she is doing in the room and why is head is roaming. Audsenly Omkara and Rudra went into the room and asked Shivay to answer them atleast. Rudra asked is everything alright Bhai. Shivay said yeah all is fine.Omkara asked Shivay if everything is fine then why he not came to Khanna's dinner??,!!!Anika was hiding in the almirah she coughed in between but Shivay copied to cough for which Omkara and Rudra don't get in doubt for someone else.

    Rudra asked why Shivay is sweating so much when AC is on. Shivay said he is sweating out of a cough. Omkara and Rudra started asking so many questions to Shivay and Shivay get confused and angry with them. Shivay asked Rudra and Omkara to leave the room as he is fine now and feeling superb he need to take rest. On the other part, Gauri enters the Oberoi mansion in search of Anika. Gauri claims what kind of wedding planner Anika is??  Shivay and Anika are in strong hangover they don't remember what happened in between them. Anika found Gauri is calling her. Gauri gets into Omkara's room by chance where Omkara is in the washroom and asking for a towel and shirt from the washroom. Gauri handover the towel and shirt but Omkara pulled her in the washroom illusioning Rudra. Both of them get to a lovely moment. Omkara asked her who is she

    She cleared that she is here searching for her Anika. There suddenly Rudra came into the Omakra's room Omkara tricked Rudra to go for a workout and Omkara stopped Gauri and shared a bit of talk. Guari left the room smiling and she asked Omkara to let not tie is hair he looks charming in open hairs.

    PRECAP  For Ishqbaaaz 18th July 2018 Written Update:

    One Person Blackmailed Shivaay for Video.Daksh Manipulates Shivaay that Anika Sent that Video Shivaay Gets Shocked.

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