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  • Sunday, 3 June 2018

    Sameer-Naina's Bike Riding Romance Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai SBB/SBS 3rd June Video WU

    Sameer-Naina's Bike Riding Romance Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai SBB/SBS 3rd June Video and Written Update

    Segment Start with Naina covers his face with Clothe and Sameer Starts his Bike and Naina sits Behind Him She About to Put Her hands on His Shoulder But withdraws the Idea and Sameer understands Her Hesitation and Start the Bike.

    He Drives and Talks with her same time Sameer Says In His Interview that In 90’s So Many People Must Be Saw this Dream that He will take a Bike with whom He Loves.
    On-Screen Sameer is so Happy and Naina is Happy That Sameer is Happy .

    Suddenly While talking He Sees One Bike come in front of Sameer and to Save the Accident Sameer Takes Bike to different Direction and Somehow control the bike but Naina Loses her balance and She Falls from bike to Road.
    She hurts her Knees but She Dusts Her hand and About to Stand up But Sameer comes and Gives her hand and She takes Hand and Stands Upon her Feet.

    She Looks at him and He Says Sorry with his eyes But Naina Knows that this is Unavoidable Situation So She Keeps Walking on Road and Looks Back at Him Once.
    Sameer’s Interview: Naina knows that there was nothing my Fault still I will Say Sorry But She was Feeling So Embarrassing that One Who Drives Very Good Couldn’t handle and She Fell from Bike.

    Sameer And Naina’s Interview with SBS:
    Sameer Says we were driving on Empty Roads Un Dino People couldn’t Roam Freely so That’s why we were on the empty road.
    Naina Says That We can’t road Freely and I was Suffocating because of Clothe But for Bike Ride with Him I can do anything.
    In SBS Segment Naina is Not Sitting with Clothe on her face but when They are Driving Some people are looking at them so She covers her face with Clothes.
    Reporter Says Stop hiding your relationship with from your family and tell them and Enjoy Freely.

    But Will Naina Forgive Sameer for this Mistakes ?

    Must Watch both Segments



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