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  • Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Naira-Kartik Missed Each Other

    Episode Start with Naitik is Eating Vada Pav with Green Chilli and Naira tells Him To look after his health He makes Excuses that He goes to Gym Daily.

    She tells Him That Going Gym and not doing a workout instead Gossiping won’t Help You Papa Chitti Maharaj Laughs and Naitik Scolds him.
    Naitik tells Naira that Sudhir Repaired Your Laptop and Also Installed Some antivirus too.also you have To delete some Videos and Photos.

    They Sit with tea and Naira Spills Some Tea over Laptop and While wiping The Tea her and Kartik’s Pics Slideshow Start On Laptop.
    She Suddenly Remembers How Kartik Thrown Her Out of House She Closes the Slideshow and Asks Naitik Should I Fill College Form. Naitik Gets Excited and comes with College form He gives her college form.

    Naitik Receives Kirti’s Message That Kartik Signed the papers and Naira Looks at Phone But He Turns the Phone’s Side and tells Naira to Fill the Form She Fills Her Name and Stops Over Surname and She Remembers Suwarna and Kartik’s word and She writes Singhania.
    There Manish tells Kartik that This is New Project I Suggest You to Look over this Project this is prestigious Project He Gives Him brochure and Kartik Tells Imperial College I Never Done Project Like This Why Don’t you tell any Experienced Person for this.

    Manish tells That He Thinks a lot over this Either You will Handle Otherwise No Project He Gets Agrees.
    There Naira Praises that She hears A lot of this College. She tells Naitik that She will Submit tomorrow.
    Both Kartik and Naira Parallel walk with College brochure in Hand and Naira Thinks I have to Forget Everything and Start Fresh.
    Both Kartik and Naira Imagine Them On Bed Together and when they open eyes there is no One.
    Both come Out of Bed Naira Takes Medicine But Stops and Sees Ring She Wears that Ring But Keep Back that Ring. there Kartik is Searching Medicine and He Sees Ring But gets Angry and Throws Back.
    Naira Wipes the Glass and Takes Out Her Anger Kartik drinks and Takes Out His Anger and Falls On Bed.
    Naitik asks for Tea But Chieti Maharaj tells I didn’t wash anything and Full Kitchen is Clean who did that?
    Naitik Makes Fun of Him But He tells May Be Naira.
    Naira comes and tells Give me My tea Otherwise I will Late for train Naitik Suggests her to take Cab Naira About to Eat Bread But Chitti tells her to take Butter But Naitik Blurts That After Marriage She Stopped Eating Butter and Ghee and Realises what he Blurted,
    Naira takes the Butter and Eat with that.
    Kartik gets angry on Lav and Kush, who ask him to end his fight with Naira. Kartik gets angry when the kids talk about Naira more.

    Kartik throws out his anger and hurts himself. Manish asks Kartik to maintain his cool, than hurting himself and others by his angered behavior. Kartik wants Manish to understand him. Kartik remains in his isolated personal space. Naksh tells the family that Kirti is away from her Maayka, who has disowned Naira. He didn’t wish Kirti to end ties with Goenkas.

    Devyaani feels Suwarna is at fault who didn’t understand Naira till now. She wants Suwarna and Dadi to be fair towards Naira. She is happy that Kirti is doing the right thing by staying away from family. Naksh leaves the choice to Kirti. Kirti also feels Suwarna has done wrong by abandoning Naira. Naira gets to see Kartik’s signed papers. She signs the papers as well. Naitik wishes her all the best for a new start.

    PRECAP : Manish reads Message about Naira that She is in Mumbai He tells Akhilesh That He wants Kartik will take this Project and He have to Go to Mumbai.
    Naira Enters in Imperial College.

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