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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

    Ruhi Supports Ishita Aliya-Ruhi's Argument Over Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein U me Tv 23rd May 2018 Video WU

    Ruhi Supports Ishita Aliya-Ruhi's Argument Over Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein U me Tv 23rd May 2018 Video Written Update 

    Pihu is Out Of Juvenile House and After She Has Seen How Raman told her That Ishita Killed Adi She gets Shattered And Raman also not Allowed her to Meet Ishita Pihu Comes to House with Raman.

    Segment Start with Pihu asks Aliya that She wants to Meet Shagun Mumma but Shagun doesn’t want to Meet  Pihu So Aliya Lied to Pihu that Shagun is Busy with NGO So She is Not In Delhi and Said this Aliya comes to Room where Ruhi Stops her and asks Her Reason for Her Lie.

    Aliya Makes her Understand Shagun Hates Ishi maa and Pihu and She doesn’t want to Meet Nor Ishita not Pihu.Ruhi gets shocked to Listen to this She tries to make Aliya Understand that Whats Pihu’s Fault in this Also What is Ishita’s Fault she was Saving Roshni from Adi.

    Roshni tells her that Ishi Maa Killed Adi her Own Son To Save Roshni Who is Roshni to her I Know Adi was Wrong and He was Doing wrong to Roshni But Killing Someone and After that She Left everyone to Live with Roshni.

    She leaves Everyone to take care of Roshni Who is Roshni for her Is She Above all Ishita’s Relationship that’s why She is Living with her?
    Ruhi is Shocked After Aliya’s Outburst and She Knows Nothing will Help Aliya because She Lost her Husband.
    Ruhi’s Interview: She Narrates the Whole Segment how Aliya Lied to Pihu and How I Asked Question to Aliya and How She Explained to Me that Shagun hates Ishita and Pihu and Shagun Doesn’t want to meet Pihu who Lived with her so much time Still her Hatred is Above all Relationship.
    She Continues That Only I am in Support with Ishita Maa that she Did right That moment to Save Roshni and I Consoled her so many Time Now I think Family member will Fight with me because I Am Supporting Ishi maa But That’s The Show’s concept otherwise how will Story will Progress.
    Will Ruhi Change Aliya’s thinking ? Stay Tune in for More Updates
    Must Watch This Segment

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