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  • Monday, 28 May 2018

    Naina Forgets Dance and Lost Ms. Fresher Title But Sameer Won Mr.Fresher Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai UMT 28th May Video WU

     Naina Forgets Dance and Lost Ms. Fresher Title But Sameer Won Mr.Fresher  Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai UMT 28th May Video WU

    Segment Start with Finally Fresher Party Day arrived and Naina with her Friends and Sameer with his Friends are Sitting On Stage with all the Preparation.
    There are so many Groups for their Performance and Teachers are Judging Them
    Sameer and Naina performing a Qawali where In Between of their Qawali Sameer and Naina have to dance on stage while their groups are as their singer's qawwals(Supporter for Corus).
    In the Starting Sameer and Naira are so Nervous But they Start their Performs Sameer Dances and Naina comes and Complete Her Parts But Being Sameer Around Naira gets Scared and Forgets her Some Steps In The Dance.
    Finally, Time came for Results and overconfident Kartik gets shocked when Sameer Names Announced as Mr. Fresher and Sameer Friends Cheers For him.
    When the time comes for Ms. Fresher its time for Naina and Sameer to get Shocked Because Sunaina Gets Ms. Fresher Title Who is Shocked to Listen to her Name.
    Sameer is not Happy with that So Is Naina He Looks at Naina and She Looks Down Her Friends are Also disappointed.
    Sameer is standing with Sunaina and They are Awarded Trophy and Title badge Sunaina is on Cloud Nine But Sameer is Just Showing His fake Smile
    The reporter says Naina is upset she did not win the Ms. Freshers title, but this is just the beginning of her college life and there will be numerous chances of proving her talent.
    Naina’s Interview: I enjoyed A lot and I did this Dance Form 1st time in My Life and Lyrics I thought it was Easy but on Doing on Screen it was so Difficult.
    She continues that Its okay If  I Lost title our Show is Different from others So its Time Hero won not herion But She will win too.
    She continues on upcoming Track that you have seen School Romance and Soon you will See College Romance and About Marriage I Don’t Know About Yet But Full College Romance you will See.
    So Mr Fresher is Sameer and Ms. Fresher is Sunaina of Batch 1992

    Stay Tune in for More Update and Must Watch this Segment

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