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  • Tuesday, 8 May 2018

    Naamkarann 8th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil-Avni's Close Moments Reminds their Past"

    Naamkarann 8th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil-Avni's Close Moments Reminds their Past"

    Neil tells Avni that he will drop her home. Avni says that she will call for a cab. Neil says that it is unsafe and he will drop her home. Avni is about to fall and Neil grabs her and they have an eye-lock. 

    Neil and Avni remember their past romantic moments. Neil says he will take her home. Mitali’s friends complain that Neil has not come. Neil and Avni see an old couple struggling to take out their cart from a ditch and Neil offers to help. Mitali apologizes to her friends and then cuts the cake. Neil and Avni together help the old couple. 

    The couple asks Neil and Avni to come to their house so that they can return the favour.  Neil and Avni go the old couple’s house and the woman says that they only have poha in their house. Neil says that it is perfecta as Avni loves poha. Avni asks Neil to be careful as there are chilies in the poha.

    Mitali cries thinking about Neil and says that her one sided love was better. Neil and Avni are about to leave and the old couple says that they make a perfect pair and they should always live together happily. Kamini gets bail and she thinks that she will destroy everyone close to Avni and will then kill her. Avni saves Neil from a speeding car and they both fall on the ground together. Avni’s bracelet gets stuck on Neil’s shirt. Both of them get up and sit in the car and drive away.

     Mowgli throws a tantrum saying that he only wants his mother. Neil and Avni drive together and Neil keeps glancing at Avni. Neil’s car goes out of control and both save each other with their arm. Neil and Avni reach the orphanage house. Neil tells Avni that he hopes that she is fine. Neil promises Avni that what happened in court will not get repeated. Avni tells Neil that she knows that he only fights for the truth. Avni comes to the house and everyone worries for her. Mowgli tells Avni that papa had come to search for her. Mowgli says that he scolded papa and asked him to find her. Neil tells the lawyer that he is not allowed to raise a finger on her character. Mitali is waiting for Neil and is crying. Neil apologizes to Mitali. Mitali says that he doesn’t care that she got hurt. Neil says that he only wanted to search for Avni. Mitali tells Neil that if he wants to pacify Avni all the time then this cannot go on after marriage. Mitali tells Neil that if he wants he can call off their wedding. Mitali cries and Neil hugs her and promises never to hurt her. Later at night, Neil and Avni cry thinking about each other.

    Precap: Avni says in court that she knows she is an illegitimate child and accepts her reality but she has strength to raise Mowgli and therefore she appeals for his custody.

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