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  • Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 22nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Shivaay Exposes Siddhi Mai and Her Fake Miracle tricks"

    Ishqbaaaz 22nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Shivaay Exposes Siddhi Mai and Her Fake Miracle tricks"

    Siddhi Mai tells Gauri to distribute Prasad to Everyone Shivaay Stops Gauri and Asks Siddhi Mai How can we believe that You didn’t Mix anything She gets Shocked So Others too But Siddhi Mai tells Shivaay That She will Eat any Laddoo that Too You Choose She About to Eat But Tells Shivaay That If I Eat and nothing Happen to me you will come to My Feet.

    She Eats Laddo and Couchs Anik and Omkara Look at Her But Nothing Happen to Her and Shivaay As our Deal Distributes laddoo to everyone and He about to Eat Himself But Siddhi Mai Makes him eat with His hand.
    After that, They all Start dance on Bhajan and Feels Dizzy and One By One All Faint

    Later at Night.

    Shivika, Rikara, and Ruvya are unconscious To their Room and Siddhi Mai’s Servant comes and tells her that everyone unconscious even Khanna Too.
    She tells that means Our Biggest Fraud Ever and She tells Him That Shivaay is Fool Now go get Prepare for Pooja She comes to Dadi’s Room and Wakes her up.
    She tells Dadi That its Time for Pooja Dadi tells She will call everyone But Siddhi Mai tells that You have to do this Pooja Alone comes with All the Moh and Maaya (relationship and Jewellery) She nods and comes with all the Jewellery to the hall.

    Where Siddhi Mai Arranged Pooja and She takes All the Jewellery and tells her To Keep Her Eyes Close and Do Pooja She Mixed something In Fire’s Smoke and Dadi gets Fainted.
    She tells Servant to get all the jewellery and Run they About to Run But Shivaay Switches on the Light and He Stands with all the Family Member He asks her Are You going without Blessing.

    She gets Shocked to See Him. AniRiya comes to Dadi and Gives her Water and Wakes Up.
    Media comes and Takes Photos and Siddhi Mai Asks What are they doing here Shivaay makes her Fun That If You are Our Mai then I am You Dad He tells Media that how She is Running away with our Money and Jewellery.
    Media Person tells Him That we didn’t have any proof before but thanks to you that We have Now Proof Against Her. Dadi is Shocked to see Siddhi Mai.
    Anika comes and tells Shivaay that This Fake Siddhi Mai Doesn’t Know You did this He explains that he has Doubt on Her Before But For Dadi’s sake he didn’t stop Dadi to go to Her Ashram But This Lady came to Our House to make us fool Bhavya gave Me proof against Her Omkara Told me how She Hypnotise People and Run away with Money.
    Then I came to Know Similar Pooja will Happen in Our House I gave Khanna a Special task and I arranged Same Drug She Use to Hypnotise from our Doctor.
    Khanna gives me What I asked him and then I Intentionally Collide with her and Changed the Bottle.
    Then I Informed Everyone That After Eating laddo You have act like Fainting He Further tells How She Knows Something will happen and She has to Eat Before us that’s why She already took Antidote of Her Drug. And I have Seen her.
    Shivaay asks Siddhi Mai what Happened Not able to Read My Mind Dadi asks Him what is Happening here Shivaay tells That Your Sidhhi Mai is fraud and She has Planned to Crook us.
    Gauri asks Him About How She Flew Shivaay tells Everyone that Anyone Noticed She Can Fly only on this Seat why?
    He Goes and Sits On the Her Sihasan and He asks Siddhi’s Servant to give Remote and He too Flies and he explains this is Hydraulic System After that He tells How She takes Out Prasad from her Bangles.

    Shivaay tells Dadi, Rudra and Gauri not to have blind faith because of which some people take disadvantage of it. Shivaay reveals Siddhi's real name, Babita Anand. He gets Siddhi and her man arrested by Police. Dadi thanks Shivaay for showing her the truth. In the morning, Shivaay gets surprised not to see Anika has got up early in the morning. Anika comes with coffee and in a happy mood, Shviaay gets surprised. Anika tells Shivaay to get ready.Shivaay gets confused.

    PRECAP : Panicked Bhavya comes to Shivika and asks them did they Know About Rudra ? they Say No And They come to Hall Where Khanna tells them That his Car is also not there.Omkara Says His One Friend tells Him That he talked to Rudra he was talking Like His Life is Over. Anika and Gauri console Bhavya.


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