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  • Monday, 21 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 21st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Shivaay Determines to Expose Siddhi Mai's Fake Magic"

    Ishqbaaaz 21st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Shivaay Determines to Expose Siddhi Mai's Fake Magic"

    Episode Start with the title “Siddhi Mai’s Fun In front of World”

    Siddhi Mai’s Tell Shivaay That She Heard an A lot about him come Near Her in Her feet. He about to Go to Her But Gauri comes to Him and Stops Him and Tells Him to take right Foot Before left Because Siddhi Mai Tells This to take right. Shivaay Denies and Tells That He doesn’t believe in All this.

    Dadi Scolds him That If You don’t believe that’s okay At Least Respect Elders He Asks Her what Happened to you Dadi.
    Siddhi tells Dadi By Name Kalyani That He will Believe Soon Rudra Like a Puppy Belief on Siddhi’s words.

    Siddhi tells Them That He will learn Everything When will he come to my Feet Shivaay tells That I am Fine Here. But Sidhhi tells That After you receive my Blessing You Will Forget I You will Say Only You.
    Dadi Drags Him to Siddhi Mai and She Gives her Hand in His and Gives Him “Prasad” Everyone Chant Her Name That She did Miracle Anika is Shocked.

    Shivaay Asks Her What are You doing in my House She tells That I Saw Kalyani has So Much Sorrow in Her Life so I came to Take Away all her Sadness.
    Shivaay tells This is Nonsense Dadi is Not Sad She tells How Kalyani is Sad Because Her Elder Son doesn’t listen to anyone and She Goes On.
    Shivaay tells Her that this is his Problem He can Solve She tells Its Time to leave But Dadi, Rudra and Gauri Start Their Drama Dadi Emotionally Blackmails Shivaay and They Agree.
    Siddhi Agrees to Stay.
    SHivaay is Near Pool Side and he is taking his Frustration That What Happened to Dadi, Gauri and Rudra Anika come with Black Coffe Before he takes Sip, Gauri Snatches, and Rudra Throwaway.
    Shivaay asks In Anger what was That Rudra and Gauri tell Them That Because As Per Siddhi Mai You can’t Drink Black tea.
    Shivaay asks Logic But They Argue that Siddhi Mai is Not Human She is God She was Flying in Air Anika Argues that Even Bee Fly Too So Can we Consider Bee God Too.
    They Argue But Gauri and Rudra are Not Listen to Anything.
    They Give them white Clothe and Tell them to Wear Only white and Even in Food Only Kheer made.
    They leave And Bhavya tells Shivika and Omkara That She has to Listen to This Name In Her Police Station She Doesn’t remember But She will Find Soon and She Leaves.
    Shivaay tells Anika That We have Prove Siddhi Mai Fraud Because If She even left She won’t Left Gauri-Dadi and Rudra’s Mind So Before we do anything You and Omkara Stay Near Them.
    There Siddhi Mai’s Servant tells Her that Oberoi is Crazy after they Saw You, Miracle, She tells Him That They all are Fool to believe that Miracle We Made So many people Fool.
    The servant tells her that We have to Be careful Because Shivaay Seems So Cleaver.
    Shivaay Comes Inside with Bang and Servant tries to Argue But Shivaay tells Him That This is His House and Servant leaves.
    Siddhi Mai tells Shivaay Finally You came I Know Late But You are heard.
    Shivaay tells her that I Know You Are Fraud and I will Throw You Out She tells How Will You prove She tells Him That She Makes People Believe That She does Miracle.
    Shivaay tells Now You won’t able to Do anything Because I will Prove You Fraud In front of whole world.
    She Laughs That You don’t even able to Make Understand Your Family Leave Aside whole World He tell her that Time He didn’t Know About her and He about to Lose His temper Just Then Dadi comes and Asks Shivaay what is He Doing here.                                                                            

    Siddhi makes excuse and Takes Dadi with Her.
    Shivaay wants Dadi to see Siddhi’s truth. Shivay doesn’t want any blind beliefs to spread in the house. Siddhi captures Dadi and Gauri further by her sweet approach. She gains a chadava from Oberois. Shivay asks Siddhi if she is looting the family. Dadi and Siddhi tell him that the chadava is negligible as its true devotion that matters. Siddhi proves to Oberois that she isn’t greedy like other fake Godly figures. Shivay worries when he fails to prove anything. Bhavya gets information about Siddhi. She exposes all the crimes of Siddhi. Shivay and Anika also realize that they have read about Siddhi’s crimes in the newspapers. They don’t want people to ruin their lives by believing Siddhi.

    Omkara tells them that Siddhi hypnotizes people and robs their houses. Shivay comes up with a plan to expose Siddhi. Siddhi turns dramatic and makes a fool of herself. Shivay conceals his plan. He knows Siddhi will try to spike the food and take advantage of the family. Siddhi tells Gauri that she will prepare the prasad for the puja herself. Siddhi adds the drugs in the food and wants to hypnotize everyone for her profits. She asks everyone to consume the prasad. Shivay creates a hurdle for her. He asks Siddhi to have the prasad and prove herself if she is true.

    PRECAP : Shivaay tells Siddhi Mai That You Can Read Everyone Mind What About Me You don't Able to Read My Mind. Dadi asks what Happened Shivaay Reveals Her Real name "Babita Anand" and Tells Dadi That She Was Running Away with our Money But Now She has to Go to Jail.

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