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  • Sunday, 15 April 2018

    RAYA SS : Exclusively Mine Prologue


    Ram Kapoor has always hated Priya Sharma.

    & Priya Sharma has always hated Ram Kapoor.


    Because they were SUPPOSED to hate each other because their families are rivals in business and everything else you can imagine.

    So what happens after Ram and Priya grow up?

    Ram Kapoor, 24, is:

    CEO of Kapoor Industries, ruthless and one of the youngest multi-millionaires of the world.

    He is actually a shy and nice person, but this side of him is only known to his Anjali di.

    Priya Sharma, 23, is:

    Miss World, and the adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs Sharma. Has been living a hurt-filled life for a really long time. For reasons she'd always kept to herself only.

    She is emotional, feisty and good.

    They are as different as chalk and cheese.

    - Ram wants to 'live fast and die young'.

    - Priya lives to make everyone around her happy.

    - Ram thinks love is the 'shittiest 4-letter word'.

    - Priya dreams of someone loving her one day. how in the hell did Ram Kapoor and Priya Sharma end up as husband and wife?

    Picture This: Ram Kapoor, Keyword- THE Kapoor, forcefully marries Priya Sharma after her father insults the whole Kapoor industry and family.

    And what do you get out of this situation?

    You get a crazy marriage, fights, flirting, hot moments, more fights, hateful words, mad situations, even more fights, dramatic things and maybe.. Love?



    She flung her legs here and there furiously.

    Her entire body pained, and she didn't even know what the heck she was rambling about.

    "Ah!" She whimpered as he dumped her roughly on the bed. She was on the bed of a cold but well-furnished and brilliant hotel room.

    "SLEEP, Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor. We need to go to your new home, that is, the Kapoor Mansion early in the morning." He stressed on 'new home'.


    Her sentence was left midway as he pulled her by her wrist angrily.

    Sure he'll be angry, didn't she just call the prestigious Kapoors' name in an insulting manner?

    But who gives a crap, this guy deserves every bad word in the dictionary!

    He shouldn't be holding her wrist like that!!

    He touches you.. You kill him.

    And the next thing Ram felt, was Priya's hand tugging on his tie mercilessly.

    "What the- hell let go! Argh-" He coughed as she let go of his tie and was sniffing to control her tears.

    "Why did you marry me? What have I ever done to you to deserve-" She stopped when Ram clicked his fingers in front of her, surprising her.

    "How ignorant can you be? You don't know what my family has been through cause of your rascal of a father. He was going on and on about the Kapoors, disrespecting everything we've ever worked on and also saying shit about our family. BUT NOW his daughter, that is you, has become a Kapoor as well. He'll know that you're now mine, Priya. Completely, exclusively, only mine. You're a Kapoor now, my wife. Sounds so amazing, huh?"

    Priya now realized that he'd used her to take revenge on Mr. Sharma, her father.. who had adopted her with his wife, Shipra, when she was 12 years old because Mr and Mrs Sharma could not conceive a child of their own.

    She suddenly got up, panicky, rushing towards the door, to find it locked.

    "GIVE ME THE KEYS, CARD, WHATEVER! I WANNA LEAVE!" She demanded, making Ram chuckle before he held her by her waist and swept her off her feet.. AGAIN.

    "Stop picking me up! Gratefully I am blessed with legs, RK, I can walk on my own!" Priya protested. He smelled so damn good but she just..just didn't want to be in his arms.

    "Where do you wanna go? Oh sexy kitten, let me take care of you..i'll take really good care of you."

    Sexy. Kitten.


    He placed her back on the ground when she kicked at his shin after he called her that, making him bend down in pain.

    "Do. Not. Ever. Call. Me. That. EVER! That is SO degrading towards women to be called sexy kitten! That sounds like a prostitute's fancy name!" Priya grumbled.

    "I'm your husband! I can call you whatever I want. But anyway.. What. Do. I. Call. You? Sad little virgin? Annoying brat? Spoiled princess?!"

    If only she had a hammer.

    And a gun.

    And maybe a few knives.

    Priya cut off all the murderous plans towards her own -she hated to admit- husband, and curiously stepped closer to him.

    "Sad little virgin? Wh-"

    "Jeez, don't tell me you're not a virgin. It's written all over your forehead, Priya. You need to start wearing a shirt with 'I'M A FRUSTRATED VIRGIN AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT!' written on it."

    Oooh this devil personified son-of-a-biscuit!

    "S-so what? What's so bad about not losing your virginity to desperate chimpanzees like you? I've never had a boyfriend because I don't want one. I am busy being Miss World. You know I am that, right?" She boasted and immediately felt guilty.

    She was a humble person and did not want to be prideful but gosh.. RK bought out shades of her personality that she never thought even existed.

    And the next thing she heard, was his laughter. UGH, his laughter was the most heartwarming happy thing to hear.

    Ram Kapoor, please stop being so perfect!

    "Desperate chimpanzees! First monkey, now chimpanzee. You really excite me baby girl." He tried to stroke her cheek but Priya pushed him with all her might, fuming.

    "I..I JUST can't believe you drugged me, kidnapped me, and married me for revenge-"

    She started her speech before he swept her off her feet for the 100th time, making her start struggling but this time he just held her very close to him and looked down at her romantically.

    "-Hey and don't forget how I sent our adorable pictures of marriage all over the world. Tumhari smile... when we hugged after the marriage ceremony, shit, mai toh fida ho gaya tum pe Priya. It warms my heart to know how much you love me."

    Ram tried to kiss her but she made a vomiting sound when he tried to touch her, making him snicker.

    "I did NOT smile on purpose! It was probably the side effects of the drugs, you A-hole! And I. Love. YOU? YOU married me forcefully, lover boy! You're the one craving for me." She mocked with sass before he effortlessly and very cruelly dropped her on the hard floor.


    But she fell on the thick carpet so...

    Priya's body curled up in nervousness as Ram knelt down in front of her, his incredible and sinful dark wine-colored eyes glittered and he stroked her cheek making her crawl back in anger.

    "Get over yourself, babygirl. What's there to love in you? I mean look at your face, you should be thankful I did not put you in the zoo. Tsk."

    The moment he completed his sentence, Priya gasped so loudly that she was sure everyone in the hotel could hear it even though they were on the 36th floor.

    It was especially offensive because Priya had won the title of 'Miss World' a year ago, at the age of 22. She never even wanted to apply in that Pageant, but her parents forced her into doing it. And every comment on her appearance affected her now. A lot. She just couldn't help it.. all the years of being forced to feel that looking beautiful is the one and only aim of her life had ruined her self-esteem and made her extremely self-conscious.

    And why on earth is he calling her 'Baby girl'? Ok.. she can’t deny it sounds really cute... But still!

    She was too emotionless and drained off of any energy to say more as he picked her up again, walked over to the bed and laid her down on it. She cuddled to the pillow numbly, her head was churning and her body ached for rest.. maybe she will wake up and find that all this was just a big nightmare?

    "Uh.. hey, baby girl, eat something." Ram said a bit softly that made Priya lift herself up and gaze at the delicious food that was kept on a transparent table in front of her.

    "I'm not hungry-"

    "Eat. NOW. You will need all the energy in the world at our wedding night tomorrow.. we will practice every sex position in the Kamasutra, babe. I can't wait for that hot little body of yours, Sharma."

    He exclaimed, making all her sleep fly out the window and now she was throwing numerous things at him before he fled the room laughing.

    Priya sobbed, rubbing her eyes as her palms blackened with her mascara.

    Her sight fell on her hand, and she noticed a diamond-gold ring on her finger..also, in her neck there was a gorgeous Mangalsutra..

    "Hey Devi Mayya." She whispered to herself, held the string of her neck and started crying.. feeling the loneliness around her as a familiar stab of hurt pierced her heart .


    -Preview of Chapter 1-

    "What the!"

    Ram dropped the cup of tea as he saw Priya jump out of his car's window. Her head hit hard against the road accidentally but instead of crying in pain, she started laughing.


    She had begged him to buy tea for her when they checked out of the hotel, and when he left to buy it..she escaped from the window.

    "I AM FREE! I repeat: I am free! Ha-ha. Hahaha!" She got up, wiping her blood-stained forehead and started dancing..

    On the freakin' road.

    He face-palmed as she stopped dancing after looking at his angry face.

    He sighed and went inside his car, putting his hand on the steering wheel.

    "Come back inside, Sharma. You have precisely 10 seconds before I come out and drag you inside."

    "I-I'm leaving.. to meet Daddy and Mum. I'm sure they'll help me with getting you arrested for marrying me. BYE!" She turned around before hearing a loud smash of the car's door, he had come out and was now eyeing her murderously.

    "Get. Back. Inside. NOW!"

    "NO!!" She shouted, taking off her high heels as Ram confusedly looked at her.

    He thought she liked those heels?
    Priya Sharma is such a beauty freak and wanted to look good all the time so why has she removed her pretty blue heel sandals and-

    "OW!" He knew soon enough as she threw her heels on his face.



    "HOLY SHIT, YOU MESSED UP LITTLE SHARMA!" He grunted and shut his eyes as she smiled and started running bare-footed on the highway road.

    He's so gonna kill her!!!

    RK = Ram Kapoor
    PS : Priya Sharma
    KM : Kapoor Mansion
    KI: Kapoor Industries

    Author :  Vani

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