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  • Tuesday, 24 April 2018

    Neil Come to Know Mowgli is His Son Filed Custody Case Naamkarann UMT 24th April Video Wu

    Neil Come to Know Mowgli is His Son Filed Custody Case Naamkarann UMT 24th April Video Wu

    Segment Start with Neil comes to Know About Mowgli That He is Mowgli’s father and he is So Angry on Avni and He Makes A decision that He will take Custody of Mowgli and He comes to Avni’s House with Custody papers.

    There Avni gets Shocked to See the Papers and She Makes Neil Understand That Mowgli will Never Stay with You he is also Seeing all this and Leaving me will Effect Him.

    There Mowgli Listen to all this and he runs to Avni and Hugs her and he refuses to go with Neil Avni makes Him Understand But he is not Listing anything.
    Seeing This Neil goes On His Knees to Mowgli and Makes Him Understand that If he Goes with Him they will Play and They will have A lot of fun and Somehow Mowgli gets Agree to go with Neil But Avni is devastated with this News.

    Neil’s Interview: I am So Angry on Avni When I come To Know Mowgli is My Son So I decided to go for Custody which I will win.
    When Reporter Ask How Happy Neil is with this News He Replies that He is So Happy and So Emotional too when he comes to Know After 10 years Also he Breaks down.
    He continues that Mowgli is confused on this Things This Legal Process is New to Him and He is Attached to his Mother.

    When Reporter asks him About off Air News He Replies that Yes we are Working Now and If Anything Like this we want to end on Good Note But Still No confirmation from Channel.
    Well we will Happy if this is true we will Be happy But Now come to Story Will Neil take Away Mowgli from Avni?

    We will update Soon Stay Tune and Must watch this Segment

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