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  • Thursday, 29 March 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode" Ishita Takes Water Bottle From Evil Lady"

    Episode Start With Raman saying we are going to police station. She says what do I tell police, I can’t even describe that girl’s face. He says fine, I will tell him to take us to hotel, sit and relax. Mihika is sleeping. She hears Ishita shouting for help. She sees a shadow and asks who’s there. She goes to help Ishita. She asks the shadow to leave and shouts Akka. She wakes up from sleep. She thinks of the woman’s words and hopes Ishita is fine.

    Romi and Adi are sleeping at the road side. Romi says I m not Aaliya, I m Romi. Adi says why are we on the streets. Romi says we attended a bachelors party and had fun. Adi says something is stinging here. Romi says maybe bedbugs got in your clothes. He sees Adi’s back and says what’s this tattoo, you got a tattoo.

    Adi asks what, look again. Romi says its a tattoo. Adi says it would be temporary. Romi says no, its permanent, what did you do, you are my responsibility here, you got a tattoo I love bad girls, what to do now. Adi says I don’t remember. Shagun gets a gift. She smiles reading note and says Mani… She talks to Mani and says I love it, its like you, pure and priceless, you always get gifts for me, I didn’t give you any gift. Mani says you are in my life, that’s my biggest gift, I m slightly busy, we will talk later.

    Shagun gets a call. Lady says you had received a felicitation letter at NGO, you have to go London tonight, I will mail you tickets. Mani talks to Shagun and says you should go, wow. Shagun says you also come. He says you know I have work, you must go. She agrees. She sees tattoo ad and thinks its my turn now to plan a surprise for Mani. She calls the tattoo studio. Raman and Ishita plan the outing. He says we won’t go on shopping. She says I have to buy a lot for Ruhi, we will go shopping, get me some water. He goes. She sees the woman.

    The lady says there are spirits in the world who didn’t get soul peace, they find someone to connect, they follow the someone till their motive is over. Mihika says Ishita is in London, can she see that spirit. The lady visualizes and says Ishita can see her, and thinks that spirit is some human in trouble, that spirit may hurt your sister. Ishita says I will confront her. She goes to her and says you will answer me, who are you, why am I seeing you everywhere, what do you want, I m not scared of you, why have you come here.

    The woman says when will I go home. Lady says Mihika call your sister and tell her she is in big problem, spirit will say same thing again and again, tell Ishita not to have anything by her hands. Mihika calls her. Ishita says I will help you if you are lost, tell me or go away. The woman says when will I go home. Ishita says Simmi has planted you here so that I can’t enjoy with my husband. She coughs. The woman gives her a water bottle. She disappears. Ishita looks for her. She says I won’t leave her. Adi says I don’t understand what’s happening with us, this tattoo . Romi says Vicky is not answering. Roshni comes to them and says Adi…. They get shocked seeing her in western avatar. They recall Roshni.

    Romi asks when did you become Poo from Parvati, what a drastic change. Roshni says I work as tourist guide and also at nearby cafe. Romi says I m very happy seeing you. Adi says thanks for not telling Romi that we are in touch. She says I will take you for sight seeing. Romi says it will be good. He gets the man’s call. The man says how dare you, you had my bag. Romi asks what shall I do. The man asks where are diamonds, r̥eturn it, else it won’t be good. Romi says I gave you the bag. The man threatens him. Romi says what is he talking about. Adi says maybe the deo bottle fell down there. Roshni says don’t worry, I will help you out.

    Ishita calls Simmi. She asks why are you troubling me, stop this drama. Simmi asks what nonsense, you have gone mad. Ishita says you are behind all this. Raman calls her out. Simmi says what was she talking about. Raman asks why did you send me if you had water. Ishita says no, I just got it. Mihika calls her. She asks how are you and Raman. Ishita asks why are you asking so. The lady says tell me not to talk to strangers and not accept any drinks or food. Ishita’s phone gets off.

    Raman takes Ishita. Mihika tries again. Aaliya says wow, you are going London. Shagun says I have planned a surprise for Mani, I will make tattoo for his sake, I saw nice references, there is an artist, he was sending me latest designs. They see pics. Aaliya says this is Adi, what is he doing in London. Shagun asks what. Adi says he lied to me. Mihika comes. Aaliya says see this, Romi and Adi lied to us, they are in London. Shagun says you both come with me. Mihika says no, I have to take care of Pihu and family. Shagun says we will handle Romi. Parmeet asks what game did Ishita say about. Simmi asks him to say truth, did he do anything. He says no. She says there is something, she wounded so scared. He says who would be troubling them.


    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Raman and Ishita enjoy their time. She gives him water bottle. He drinks the water.

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