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  • Saturday, 24 March 2018

    Kaira Pregnancy OS : You+ME = 3 Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai

    NOTE : Written By My Friend MrBiebersWifey I Have Just Change the Name So All Credit goes to her

    Naira bit her lip, staring at her reflection in the mirror with her mouth formed into an 'o'. Her tummy was not big now but soon it will have a baby bump..

    After Kartik left for work she found out that she's pregnant. And she has never felt so nervous and scared in her ENTIRE LIFE!

    She knew her Mendak didn't like kids. Then now what? What if he doesn't like this news???

    "Hey ganga mayya raksha karna.." Naira chanted again and again as she kept holding that positive pregnancy test stick in her hand.

    "Nahi Naira! Why will Kartik be angry or dislike this news? He loves you so much so he'll...ughhh!" she started pacing infront of the mirror before taking a deep breath.

    "You are Kartik." she pointed to the mirror. "I have to practice with you."

    "Guess who has a person in her stomach, Kartik??? ME! No I didn't eat anyone, I am having a baby!" Naira screamed to the mirror before biting her nails. No, this one is bad!

    "You want to see a magic trick Kartik? See this!" Naira raised the pregnancy stick and smiled at the mirror. "ABRACADABRA, YOU ARE A FATHER FROM NOW ON!"


    She thought and sat down on the edge of the bed, groaning to herself.

    This is gonna be difficult.


    "Hey baby." Kartik spoke as he came home at evening. He undid his tie and looked at Naira to find her smiling awkwardly at him.

    "Kartik..I was thinking.. do you think we should color our room PINK or BLUE?" Naira asked smilingly, now he'll get the clue! Pink for girl, blue for boy, he'll understand she is pregnant and hence is asking this!

    "I like blue. If you wanna do it go ahead, do what you want Naira." he shrugged, grabbing a glass of water as he busily talked to his manager on his bluetooth.

    Attempt #1- FAIL!


    Kartik and Naira sat on the dining table with everyone else before Naira suddenly got up.

    "Kartik, can we both eat alone at our bedroom tonight?" she asked not even realizing how bold her words sounded. A smirk came on his lips while everyone cleared their throats, Suwarna giggled while Surekha rolled her eyes.thank God Dadi is out

    "Why Naira?"

    "J-just like that.. I don't like the lighting here." Naira made up some excuse making him nod. He took his plate of food and went upstairs with her.


    Kartik was sitting and eating before Naira bought a lot of bowls full of food. Not just food, but it was: BABY potatoes, BABY corn and BABY peas.

    "Don't you just love all this?" she pointed to the bowls and he slowly chewed, gulping his food.

    "Yes. It's good Naira. Enjoy." he chuckled and proceeded eating making her groan under her breath.

    Attempt #2 - FAIL!

    "What the?"


    "Did you just groan? What happened Naira?" Kartik asked concernedly.

    "Oh..'s just that.. WE are tired." she rubbed her stomach a little.

    He stared at her for a moment. "We? Who? You and who?"

    "M-me and.. my big stomach, both are tired of eating so much." Naira blabbered nervously.

    "Uhh.. okay." Kartik got up and left the room making Naira's head drop to the table as a long sad sigh escaped her lips.

    Attempt #3 - FAIL!


    Naira looked at Kartik's sleeping form and pouted. He didn't understand her hints! She has to make it more obvious.

    She took a pen and wrote 'YOU + ME = 3!' on the front page of his business file that he will see tomorrow morning.


    Naira woke up the next day to find Kartik sleeping beside her, his arm was wrapped around her waist protectively and possessively and he doesn't even know that he is not just holding her but their baby too.

    She snuggled deeper into his chest before Kartik got up as the alarm rung.

    "AH!" She got scared and hugged him tighter at the loud ringing voice after so much silence, making him laugh.

    "Aw, you got scared? You are so sensitive sometimes." Kartik trailed kisses all over her forehead down till her cheek before firmly kissing her lips.

    "Good morning, beautiful." he simpered and got up as he tiredly ran his fingers through his hair.

    Just when he was gonna go to the wash, Naira stopped him.

    "Come back soon and read your business file!"

    Kartik was confused. "What the h-? Why? I thought you hate it when I work a lot.. now you are asking me to open files. You are the craziest girl in the world, Naira. But I still love you."

    "You have to." she crossed her arms. "Because WE are never gonna go away from you."

    "Who is we now, goddammit?!" Kartik snapped.

    Naira's face became blank. "Me.. and my.. heart that is full of love for you Kartik!" she spoke dramatically making him roll his eyes.

    "Crazy, absolutely pagal." he said and went to the wash while Naira crossed her fingers and kept praying that he knows soon after he comes back..


    Kartik picked up his business file and found it odd that Naira was sitting infront of him on the recliner and looking at him wide-eyed.

    He opened the file and read the words before pursing his lips.

    "Did you write this?" he lifted the paper and showed to her, making her nod slowly.

    Kartik stared at the paper again for a few more moments, Naira's palms were sweating UNCONTROLLABLY right now and her toes were curling up with anticipation.

    "Naira.. are you.. why do I feel that- are you pregnant, Naira?" Kartik trailed off shockingly.

    "YES! FINALLY YOU UNDERSTOOD! MY 4TH ATTEMPT IS NOT A FAIL!" Naira got up and started dancing before Kartik immediately got up and held her arm, stopping her.

    "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DANCING?! YOU CAN GET HURT! Naira atleast for this time stop being crazy.. be careful." he laughingly hugged her tight, making her gasp.

    "A-are you okay with it?"

    "What kind of question is that? OFCOURSE! I AM SO DAMN HAPPY NAIRA!"

    "But..I thought you don't like kids.."

    "Naira, I don't like kids but ofcourse I'll love our own kid very f*cking much- because it's going to be a gift from you, from the woman who I love so much, who is my most prized possession.. you are like my beautiful, sensitive, adorable doll.. my love. But did we ever have protected lovemaking? No right? Then ofcourse I am okay with you getting pregnant or I would have put so much restrictions on us. Pills know, all those things." he chuckled and smacked the back of her waist playfully making her laugh too.

    "You are right! I totally forgot about that... how silly can I be.." Naira smacked her forehead feeling angry at herself.

    "No, you are probably just overwhelmed Naira. It's okay." he kissed her hair and hugged her tighter, so tight that she could almost not breath.

    "KARTIK! WE ARE SUFFOCATING!" Naira shouted, making him move away and exhale deeply.

    "So this was your 'we'." he winked.

    "Yes Kartik, this was we. Me and the baby." Naira announced proudly, Kartik hugged her again and swept her off her feet before taking her to the bed where they both will love each other for a long time and celebrate this happiest news of their life...

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