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  • Saturday, 10 March 2018

    Avni's Life is In Danger A Man Attack On her with Knife Naamkarann SBAS 10th March Video WU

    Avni's Life is In Danger A Man Attack On her with Knife Naamkarann SBAS 10th March Video WU

    Small Segment Start with One Man is Behind Avni with Knife in his hand and Avni so Scared She is walking and Men is Behind Her and He Points Knife on Avni

    All the Kids with Sunhari are shocked to see What is happening
    A man takes Avni into the Kitchen and He Shows Avni Knife Like he is going to attack her Avni gets Scared and Meantime that Man turn on the gas knobs and Close the Kitchen Door
    Avni Feels Suffocated and she Quickly turns off the Knobs and Takes Breathe

    From the window, all kids and Sunhari are watching Avni and they are Begging That Man to leave Her Didi But he threatens them by Showing Matchbox Box that he will Burn their Di Alive
    But Kids Keeps Shouting even some of them Knocking on the window

    From Inside, Avni Folds her hands and tells Kids by Signal that don’t do this and do whatever he is Saying
    In an interview, Avni Says That he wants Our orphanage that’s why he is threatening us
    When a reporter ask her that will Neil Save her She laughs and Says I won't allow Neil and Kk to enter in Sukoon house.

    Soon Mohit Chouhan who was Last Seen in Haasil will Join Naamkarann we will Inform you soon about his Role Stay Tune 

    Must watch this Segment

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