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  • Monday, 12 February 2018

    Shivaay's Plan to Expose Veer ,Anika Keeps Eye on Veer Ishqbaaaz SBS/SBB 12th February Video WU

    Shivaay's Plan to Expose Veer  Anika Keeps Eye on Veer Ishqbaaaz SBS/SBB 12th February Video WU
    Segment Start with Shivaay Invited veer At Oberoi Mansion and Veer happily Accepted and comes to live with them because he wants to Destroy Shivaay

    But this is Shivaay’s Plan to Expose him in front of Everyone at Oberoi mansion He Tells Anika About this and She says she is always with him
    So She Started her Spying and she  Follows Veer in Auto in one Scene and in the Next Scene veer is coming down from Stairs and he is talking on Phone with someone Anika Listen to this and she hides behind the pillar

    Veer comes down and he is still on the phone Anika takes out her phone and about to call Shivaay But Her Phone falls from her hand and break into peace
    She Quickly gathers all peace But Veer hears something and Cut the Call and Leaves from there

    In her interview, Anika Says That why always he won this time me and my husband will win and he made a plan and I am following Shivaay’s Plan

    After this Scene, Shivaay and Anika are talking with Pinky and they are Standing on the other side and Pinky tells them to come to their side Shivaay is Hurt to Listen to this and he decides to End this Batwara game
    We will soon update this Segment till then watch this Segment




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