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  • Monday, 5 February 2018

    Neil told Avni truth behind Neela’s death Avni trusts Neil Naamkarann 5th January BTDD Video WU

    Neil told Avni truth behind Neela’s death  Avni trusts Neil Naamkarann 5th January BTDD Video WU
    Segment start From Khanna House where Shweta is Talking to Neil on phone and she quickly cut the phone and makes Excuse so that Avni won't talk to Neil who wants to tell Avni’s truth behind Neela’s Death

    But when Shweta is taking Avni out Avni accidentally comes to Room where Neil is confessing his Crime to Bebe that Because of his Bullet Neela maa is Dead and he will Tell Avni this Truth

    But Bebe is Saying to him that what will you do this will ruin your relation But Same Time they all see Avni is entering the Room
    Shweta Comes to Avni and says that this is not proved yet reporter will come and then we will know that Neil is innocent Avni tells her that because of this you were taking me out 

    Shweta tries her hard but Neil comes and Holds her with her shoulder But for What Avni does Shocked everyone
    She holds his Hand to her and tells him that she trusts him and whatever happened was an accident Shweta and Bebe in tears after hearing this from Avni

    Just then DD comes with Reports and gives to Neil which proved that Bullet is not from Neil’s Gun
    Neil hugs Avni and Then His Father and Avni sees her Juinor Avatar and they have emotional moment too

    In interview Zain Said That Now he will find that Gun and Person soon 

    Must watch this Segment

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