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  • Wednesday, 31 January 2018

    Vidhyut Shot Bullet to Avni’s Leg Neil is Angry Naamkarann U me tv 31st January Video WU

    Vidhyut Shot Bullet to Avni’s Leg Neil is Angry Naamkarann
    Segment Start with From Khanna’s House Where Goons come inside the house and All the Family Members are Hide Where they get space Somebody behind the pillar Some Below the table

    But Avni is Superwoman she is fighting with Goons and Hitting them with Stick Vase and Whatever she gets in her hand
    One-Scene where She Grabs Goon’s Neck and Chok his neck After that She Throws him on Table and hit him with Glass Vase

    Next-Scene Where She is Again Hitting Goon But Other Goon fire Bullet to her leg and she collapse on the floor she is breathing hard But Still she is not Giving up and hitting the goon near her

    On the other hand, Neil takes out Goon’s mask and goon is none other than Vidhyut Seeing him Neil’s Blood boils and He Hits Him Hard But Vidhyut Manages to Escape Again
    Here Everyone gathers near Avni and Neil comes to her 

    Reporter Said That We have news that in This Attack Neela Maa will be found Dead what will Neil do now ? Must watch this Segment 

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