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  • Tuesday, 30 January 2018

    Tej Sent girl to Oberoi Mansion to Steal Shivaay's Bank Password Ishqbaaaz BTDD 30th Janaury Video WU

    Tej Sent girl to Steal Shivaay's Bank Password
    Segment Start From Oberoi Mansion where Rudra-Bhavya,Omkara-Gauru, and Anika are Laughing over something and Suddenly Lights go off.

    They all think as Normal Power Cut but this is not normal one Girl who is Thief and sent By Tej and this light off is part of tej and Veer’s plan so that girl can sneak inside to Shivaay’s Room
    She has Bluetooth in her ear and tej is giving her instructions on phone and she finally comes to shivaay’s room and open the locker

    She takes out one Red Box which has Bank account password she keeps that white paper inside her coat and goes out
    One-Scene Showed where Tej is Behind the pillar and Gauri is going somewhere in-house and That Thief Girl is Just Ahead of Gauri but she Gauri didn’t see her.

    Gauri and Bhavya’s Interview: They reveal that we are busy in Marriage preparation and already we shoot 2-3 dance song and when we were preparing jewelry suddenly light went off we took as normal power cut we are used to it and we don’t know anything about that Thief.

    When reporter asked them about who sent thief Gauri said its one of from Shwetlana or veer or tej you will see that soon
    In SBS Segment they showed how that thief did one mistake and one Box fell on her head and she got unconscious and tej comes and delete his number from her phone 
    Must watch this segment




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