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  • Friday, 19 January 2018

    Avni Denied to Run Away from Jail Naamkarann U me TV 19th January Video WU

    Written Update

     Avni Denied to Run Away from Jail Naamkarann U me TV 19th January Video WU

    Segment Start from Jail where Avni and Sunhari are Listing Jailer’s Talk over phone and Sunhari tells avni to run away with her she tells her that Jailer is Going Somewhere with other police men Before they came Back lets run away

    But Avni Says I cant run there must be anyway Neil promised me
    Sunhari tells There is No way But Avni Says that I can’t Because I don’t want him to get in trouble
    Avni tells Sunhari to Give Her message to Neil that she is Inside and she will Help if he needs anything

    She Also tells her that she has Given her Promise to Neil and She will Stick to her promise
    Sunhari Tells her that she saved her life and That’s why she wants to Help her Avni Takes Sunhari with her to One Door from where Sunhari will Run away

    Avni’s Interview : She Laughs and Said Yes this is all because of That Love Between Neil and Avni and Avni gave her promise to Neil that she wont run away and Will Help him

    Avni informed that Sunhari could Escape But She Stayed with her and She will Help her and They will go out together 

    Must watch this Segment 

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