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  • Friday, 3 November 2017

    Neil-Avni's Romance Juhi Shocked Naamkarann 3rd SBS November Youtube Video WU

     Written Update :

    Neil-Avni's Romance Juhi Shocked Naamkarann 3rd SBS November Youtube Video WU

    Segment Start From Scene Somewhere In Night Avni is Going Somewhere and Neil Corners her and Pin her to Near By Wall
    Then he takes his time to Admires her From Head to toe Avni’s eye locked on his face She is too Enjoying This Little cozy time with Him

    He Kisses her On Her Cheeks and She too Allows Herself to Go with the Flow
    Reporter Says That After Jungle’s Adventure Mihasti’s Case and what Not they got This Time But When They Got Carry Away with other Each Juhi comes to Scene and She Gets Shock to see neil and Avni

    She About to Run But She Collide with Something that caught Neil and Avni’s Attention and They Pull Apart and Embarrassed To Caught Like this
    In Interview Neil Says That Juhi is Not “Haddi” she is  “ Hadda” (Lol)

    He continues that we were romancing and She Disturbed Us and She gets Awkward to see us like this we were thinking No body at Home But She came from Nowhere to Search Mishti
    Juhi’s Interview : She Says As a Human being when Things Don’t Turn in Your favour You get frustrated and You do wrong Things Now This will happen here when Juhi will See Avneil Together

    Reporter Shows Mishti’s Scene where Neela is taking Care of her Because she Reminds her Avni’s Childhood
    Reporter Also informed About This Upcoming Love triangle Between Avni-Neil-Juhi

    Must watch this Romantic Scene Between Avneil   

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