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  • Tuesday, 18 July 2017

    Neil-Avni's Pillow Fight Love Naamkarann 18th July SBS Video WU

    Segment Start with Avni and Neil are Sitting on Bed and Avni About to Stand But Neil Pull her Down and make her seat again and she Is Very close to Him 

    Reporter says that Avni and Neil are coming close Day by Day 

    In This Segment Sometimes they are talking and Next scene when Neil Slept on couch Avni Goes and Pour Water from the Jug on his face 

    He is shocked and Stands Up she About to Say Something But He tries to Snatch the Jug But water from the Jug Splash on his Face

    he runs behind her but Unable to catch her He sulks But Avni Make him Sit on the Bed and she Dried his hair By Towel 

    Next Scene Both decided to Sleep on the Bed And Neil is making Boundaries with Pillow on the Bed 

    and He Teased her In Result she Started Hitting Him Via Pillows

    he Sit back and tried to hit Her By Pillow But Avni is So Good in This and He Keeps his hands away and Fell on The bed on his Side

    Avni Too Rest her head on his Elbow on Pillow and They Talked something 

    Must watch this Cute Romantic Segment

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