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  • Thursday, 13 July 2017

    Ali-Avni's in compromising Situation Neil Shocked and Hurt See Them Naamkarann U me Tv 13th July Video WU

    Written Update : U me aur Tv 13th July

    Segment Start with Ali and Avni are Compromising Situation and Neil comes running With Police and Shocked to See Scene In front of Him

    Actually Ali is Top Over Avni and Her MangalSutra Stuck in His Chain and They are Trying to take That Out 

    But Scene is Like They are in compromising Situation 

    Neil who is Shocked to See this is silently Looking at them

    Neil's Mother.Bebe and Riya are behind and they Srae shocked too 

    Neil's Mother Shouted what are You two Doing 

    Ali Stands up and Said we are Just But Interrupted by  her that we saw what are You doing 

    Ali tried to Defend Avni and Said That She is not Feeling well so i came here

    Shweta taunted that wow She can Call anyone from us But No we are Out And she called You 

    Bebe Fainted Over this 

    and Neil still in shocked 

    Reporter said This All is Shweta and Riya's Plan 

    Avni Tried to Give Explanation but Shweta accused Both So Much 

    What Neil and Avni said In Interview Must watch Here 

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